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If you speak to anybody at Google they will tell you that YouTube will be your marketing growth engine for the future. With over 14.6 Million Australians watching an average of 16h 12mins of YouTube each month, the advertising potential is enormous.

YouTube has been available as an advertising format for some time now, but since the start of 2018 it has really come into its own. As the exponential growth of ad revenue tipped in paid search begins to level out and with the rise of video advertising on Facebook, Google has invested enormously in YouTube to make it a more effective ad platform.

Traditionally, YouTube has been seen as a tool which sits firmly in the wheelhouse of the big-brand marketer, typically to run brand lift and awareness style campaigns. Many businesses could not justify utilising the platform, given the cost of producing great content for ads and the fact that ROI was always easier achieved in search and SEO.

However, Google is trying to combat this through a host of new features, targeting and support roll-outs, making YouTube more accessible and effective than ever before.

“Google is also offering greater support in producing creative
for more effective adverts”

The amalgamation of data from the greater Google ecosystem (think Search, Maps, Gmail and Play) has made it possible to leverage strong intent using signals from all these products and use them for targeting in YouTube. As an example, Custom Intent Audience (currently in Beta) allows advertisers to target video ads at somebody based off a keyword search they have performed. This is a game changer. We already know how powerful Google Search Ads are – to be able to now utilise that data, combined with video formats like True View for Action – the ROI from YouTube suddenly looks very attractive.

Google is also offering some advertisers greater support in producing creative for the more effective adverts. Based off certain spend levels in the channel, Google will now help produce or rework current assets into the most effective adverts for YouTube. Taking the onus off brands to do this makes the channel even more accessible.

With an estimated investment of over $42 Billion USD to be spent in video advertising by 2020, you should start to consider how YouTube could work for you.

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