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Social Media has become an ingrained part of our daily lives. It can be taken for granted considering how frequently we use it. Simply opening your phone and scrolling your feeds for a minute or two can give you vast insight into what your friends all over the world are up to, what your favourite celebrities have been doing, how your sports team went or news from across the globe. We can absorb all this information in a matter of seconds and feel truly connected to our world in a way that was completely unprecedented only a short time ago. The complete immersion of Social Media into our daily lives has created possibilities for brands to communicate with their target audiences and tell their stories in new ways never seen before.

Whether you are in retail, accommodation, law, complex B2B, property or any other industry there is opportunity and scope to have a relevant and meaningful Social Media Marketing presence that will drive value for your business.

If your own day-to-day experience is not enough to convince you of the presence of Social Media and its advertising potential, I’m sure these stats will.

  • There are 3.2 Billion people worldwide connected to the internet and 1 Billion of those are on
  • Facebook. In the Western World around 80% of internet users are on Facebook.
  • There are two million businesses worldwide using Facebook for advertising purposes.
  • LinkedIn has more than 530 Million professional users in its ecosystem.
  • YouTube has better reach than any other TV or Cable Network worldwide in the 17-35 demographic.
  • There are 500 million people on Instagram (and growing astronomically) with more than half of those accessing the platform every day.
  • By 2019, it is estimated that Instagram will generate over $10 Billion in Ad revenue p/a. Over 500 Million Tweets happen on Twitter every day. Twitter says 80% of its users are affluent millennials.
  • SnapChat has over 300 Million active users with the average user accessing the platform over 20 times per day.

It’s possible to roll out impressive Social Media statistics all day long. So, if you are a marketer and not using some form of Social Media for your business, you really need to ask why not. If you have not delved into the space yet, sometimes it is just about discovering what will work for your brand.

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