When Microsoft purchased LinkedIn – it paid a whopping $26.2 Billion for the acquisition. Microsoft obviously saw enormous potential in the network and a large part of this would have been its opportunity to generate ad revenue. It is the biggest professional network in the world and the data of its users is extremely accurate. This is the reason so many marketers, especially in the B2B realm are spending more and more time and money advertising on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has over 500 Million professionals on the network. More than half of them are accessing the platform every month, and of those, 40% are accessing it daily. When users access the platform, they are there to read information on how they can do better business, not see the latest memes. This provides advertisers a great opportunity to engage with key decision makers at a time when they are open to receiving new information. No other social media platform can offer this. This is why LinkedIn is the number one platform for content syndication for B2B Marketers.

Following the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn, a big investment was made into the advertising platform (Campaign Manager). A continually improving suite of products and features has been rolled out to helped marketers reach more customers more effectively. The three core products currently on offer are:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Text Ads

We have seen great campaign success using these features for clients of Rocket. In many cases, CPCs are targeted, traffic is significantly cheaper than what is paid in Search, making it an excellent channel for traffic acquisition.

InMail can be particularly effective. Many users are conditioned to receiving job offers via InMail so will normally pay attention to the email notification when it arrives via their Inbox. No other channel allows you to craft direct messages which have open rates far beyond that of cold outbound email and target decision makers, whose emails you otherwise would not have!

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