Instagram is the world’s best Social Media channel for beautifully curated content. With over half a billion users, of which 80% follow a business on the platform, the opportunity to tell a brand story here is great. However, with a sophisticated algorithm geared to show users their most relevant content, getting visibility can be hard. With over 95 million photos uploaded every day onto Instagram, 70% of posts are never even seen!

So how are brands getting the most out of the platform? Some are choosing to be early adopters of new ad features such as Instagram stories or Live Videos. However, the most successful campaigns usually have a strong component of User Generated Content (UGC) – this is typically aided with the help of a sticky brand hashtag. An interesting fact – 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded!

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, marketers have all the features and benefits of the Facebook Ads platform behind them. So pretty much all the functionality that is available in Facebook Ads such as remarketing and customer audiences is available on Instagram too. However, a bespoke approach is required on Instagram as the way in which people want to engage with and view content differs to Facebook. Getting the marketing mix right will help your campaigns have the best chance of success.

At Rocket Agency we love helping our clients craft successful and ROI driven campaigns on Social Media platforms. Whether it is on any of the platforms listed above or other channels such as Twitter, Pinterest or SnapChat. Through careful analysis of objectives, clever content creation, audience segmentation and properly understanding where campaigns sit within your greater marketing funnel, it is possible to achieve outstanding results across all channels.

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