Facebook is an interesting platform which comes with its fair share of both exciting opportunities and difficult challenges. Going back a few years ago, with the initial wide-scale release and adoption of Facebook Ads, the platform was a literal gold-mine for marketers. Facebook provided a platform with an extremely engaged audience coupled with awesome targeting capabilities and all at a considerably lower associated advertising cost than Google. Fast-forward to the current day and the Facebook Ad landscape is much different. With 200 Million advertisers competing for the eyeballs of users, costs have gone up, engagement is harder to achieve and ad fatigue is prevalent.

Having said that, Facebook is still an excellent channel for current-day marketers, it just requires more thought, time and skill to achieve great results. If marketers can deliver on the following criteria, chances are they are on their way to Facebook success.

  • Develop genuinely good content of relevance to their customers.
  • Align Facebook campaign goals with business objectives.
  • Develop a deep understanding of customer demographics and build audiences which use learnings, combined with 1st party data and information.
  • Understand relevancy, frequency and scheduling appropriate to meet objectives.
  • Use data to optimise, split-test and improve campaigns.
  • Have a strategy to manage and develop organic social communities.

If you can excel across these criteria, chances are you will have success in Facebook. Even if you are in the B2B space, you are still selling to humans at the end of the day and quality content and marketing can influence buying behaviours. Be sure to consider how Facebook can play an integral part of your marketing mix.

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