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Social Media has become an ingrained part of our daily lives. It can be taken for granted considering how frequently we use it. Simply opening your phone and scrolling your feeds for a minute or two can give you vast insight into what your friends all over the world are up to, what your favourite celebrities have been doing, how your sports team went or news from across the globe. We can absorb all this information in a matter of seconds and feel truly connected to our world in a way that was completely unprecedented only a short time ago. The complete immersion of Social Media into our daily lives has created possibilities for brands to communicate with their target audiences and tell their stories in new ways never seen before.

Whether you are in retail, accommodation, law, complex B2B, property or any other industry there is opportunity and scope to have a relevant and meaningful Social Media Marketing presence that will drive value for your business.

If your own day-to-day experience is not enough to convince you of the presence of Social Media and its advertising potential, I’m sure these stats will.

  • There are 3.2 Billion people worldwide connected to the internet and 1 Billion of those are on
  • Facebook. In the Western World around 80% of internet users are on Facebook.
  • There are two million businesses worldwide using Facebook for advertising purposes.
  • LinkedIn has more than 530 Million professional users in its ecosystem.
  • YouTube has better reach than any other TV or Cable Network worldwide in the 17-35 demographic.
  • There are 500 million people on Instagram (and growing astronomically) with more than half of those accessing the platform every day.
  • By 2019, it is estimated that Instagram will generate over $10 Billion in Ad revenue p/a. Over 500 Million Tweets happen on Twitter every day. Twitter says 80% of its users are affluent millennials.
  • SnapChat has over 300 Million active users with the average user accessing the platform over 20 times per day.

It’s possible to roll out impressive Social Media statistics all day long. So, if you are a marketer and not using some form of Social Media for your business, you really need to ask why not. If you have not delved into the space yet, sometimes it is just about discovering what will work for your brand.

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Youtube Youtube

If you speak to anybody at Google they will tell you that YouTube will be your marketing growth engine for the future. With over 14.6 Million Australians watching an average of 16h 12mins of YouTube each month, the advertising potential is enormous.

YouTube has been available as an advertising format for some time now, but since the start of 2018 it has really come into its own. As the exponential growth of ad revenue tipped in paid search begins to level out and with the rise of video advertising on Facebook, Google has invested enormously in YouTube to make it a more effective ad platform.

Traditionally, YouTube has been seen as a tool which sits firmly in the wheelhouse of the big-brand marketer, typically to run brand lift and awareness style campaigns. Many businesses could not justify utilising the platform, given the cost of producing great content for ads and the fact that ROI was always easier achieved in search and SEO.

However, Google is trying to combat this through a host of new features, targeting and support roll-outs, making YouTube more accessible and effective than ever before.

"Google is also offering greater support in producing creative
for more effective adverts"

The amalgamation of data from the greater Google ecosystem (think Search, Maps, Gmail and Play) has made it possible to leverage strong intent using signals from all these products and use them for targeting in YouTube. As an example, Custom Intent Audience (currently in Beta) allows advertisers to target video ads at somebody based off a keyword search they have performed. This is a game changer. We already know how powerful Google Search Ads are – to be able to now utilise that data, combined with video formats like True View for Action – the ROI from YouTube suddenly looks very attractive.

Google is also offering some advertisers greater support in producing creative for the more effective adverts. Based off certain spend levels in the channel, Google will now help produce or rework current assets into the most effective adverts for YouTube. Taking the onus off brands to do this makes the channel even more accessible.

With an estimated investment of over $42 Billion USD to be spent in video advertising by 2020, you should start to consider how YouTube could work for you.

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Facebook is an interesting platform which comes with its fair share of both exciting opportunities and difficult challenges. Going back a few years ago, with the initial wide-scale release and adoption of Facebook Ads, the platform was a literal gold-mine for marketers. Facebook provided a platform with an extremely engaged audience coupled with awesome targeting capabilities and all at a considerably lower associated advertising cost than Google. Fast-forward to the current day and the Facebook Ad landscape is much different. With 200 Million advertisers competing for the eyeballs of users, costs have gone up, engagement is harder to achieve and ad fatigue is prevalent.

Having said that, Facebook is still an excellent channel for current-day marketers, it just requires more thought, time and skill to achieve great results. If marketers can deliver on the following criteria, chances are they are on their way to Facebook success.

  • Develop genuinely good content of relevance to their customers.
  • Align Facebook campaign goals with business objectives.
  • Develop a deep understanding of customer demographics and build audiences which use learnings, combined with 1st party data and information.
  • Understand relevancy, frequency and scheduling appropriate to meet objectives.
  • Use data to optimise, split-test and improve campaigns.
  • Have a strategy to manage and develop organic social communities.

If you can excel across these criteria, chances are you will have success in Facebook. Even if you are in the B2B space, you are still selling to humans at the end of the day and quality content and marketing can influence buying behaviours. Be sure to consider how Facebook can play an integral part of your marketing mix.

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When Microsoft purchased LinkedIn – it paid a whopping $26.2 Billion for the acquisition. Microsoft obviously saw enormous potential in the network and a large part of this would have been its opportunity to generate ad revenue. It is the biggest professional network in the world and the data of its users is extremely accurate. This is the reason so many marketers, especially in the B2B realm are spending more and more time and money advertising on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has over 500 Million professionals on the network. More than half of them are accessing the platform every month, and of those, 40% are accessing it daily. When users access the platform, they are there to read information on how they can do better business, not see the latest memes. This provides advertisers a great opportunity to engage with key decision makers at a time when they are open to receiving new information. No other social media platform can offer this. This is why LinkedIn is the number one platform for content syndication for B2B Marketers.

Following the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn, a big investment was made into the advertising platform (Campaign Manager). A continually improving suite of products and features has been rolled out to helped marketers reach more customers more effectively. The three core products currently on offer are:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Text Ads

We have seen great campaign success using these features for clients of Rocket. In many cases, CPCs are targeted, traffic is significantly cheaper than what is paid in Search, making it an excellent channel for traffic acquisition.

InMail can be particularly effective. Many users are conditioned to receiving job offers via InMail so will normally pay attention to the email notification when it arrives via their Inbox. No other channel allows you to craft direct messages which have open rates far beyond that of cold outbound email and target decision makers, whose emails you otherwise would not have!


Instagram is the world’s best Social Media channel for beautifully curated content. With over half a billion users, of which 80% follow a business on the platform, the opportunity to tell a brand story here is great. However, with a sophisticated algorithm geared to show users their most relevant content, getting visibility can be hard. With over 95 million photos uploaded every day onto Instagram, 70% of posts are never even seen!

So how are brands getting the most out of the platform? Some are choosing to be early adopters of new ad features such as Instagram stories or Live Videos. However, the most successful campaigns usually have a strong component of User Generated Content (UGC) – this is typically aided with the help of a sticky brand hashtag. An interesting fact – 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded!

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, marketers have all the features and benefits of the Facebook Ads platform behind them. So pretty much all the functionality that is available in Facebook Ads such as remarketing and customer audiences is available on Instagram too. However, a bespoke approach is required on Instagram as the way in which people want to engage with and view content differs to Facebook. Getting the marketing mix right will help your campaigns have the best chance of success.

At Rocket Agency we love helping our clients craft successful and ROI driven campaigns on Social Media platforms. Whether it is on any of the platforms listed above or other channels such as Twitter, Pinterest or SnapChat. Through careful analysis of objectives, clever content creation, audience segmentation and properly understanding where campaigns sit within your greater marketing funnel, it is possible to achieve outstanding results across all channels.

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