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What to expect with Rocket as your SEO agency

Working with the best

Award Winning

Having Rocket run your SEO campaign means you’ll be working with the best in Australia. In 2018 we placed 3rd in the worldwide Search Engine Land ‘Best Overall SEO Initiative – Small Business’ award. Arguably the most coveted of all the global SEO awards. We ranked higher than any other Australian agency. We won Best Advertising Campaign at the 2018 SEMRush Awards and were a three times finalist in the 2018 AMY Awards.

Strategy first approach

A transparent approach
you can trust

Too many SEO agencies work in non-transparent ways. They deliver keyword reports and dryly written blogs once a month. Everything else remains hidden from view. If your results take a turn for the worse, then you’ll hear excuses around increased competition and algorithm changes. With Rocket, you’ll know what we are doing at all times. We’ll own the results and share our strategy for delivering every improving SEO returns at all times.

Striving to be better

You'll get an SEO team,
not an SEO guy

Gone are the days when a single person can deliver success on an SEO campaign. Working directly on your campaign will be a dedicated SEO Specialist, a Content Specialist, an Account Manager and a Campaign Strategist. They’ll be working to deliver monthly success. Your campaign will also have the support and expertise of 30+ talented people within Rocket covering areas such as strategy, social, development, video and design.

Seriously in-depth
technical audits

There are many technical factors which have a big impact on determining how well you rank in Google. We’ll leave no stone unturned in making sure you’re up to scratch in a technical sense. How well can Google crawl your site? How fast are your pages? Are you using HTTPS? How good is the mobile experience? How appropriate is your site architecture? Are your meta tags effective? And more…

Strives to be better

Our team are constantly
training & learning

The pace of change in SEO is mind-boggling. Keeping ahead requires constant training and development. One of Rocket’s core values is ‘Be Better’ and we’re dead serious about it. We send team members to the best conferences globally, we run training sessions fortnightly and we have a certification program for every team member. If you’d like to know more, ask us about everything else we do to stay on top.

You won't have to worry
about a Google penalty

We’ve been doing SEO for almost ten years and we’ve never had a client receive a penalty from Google for the work we’ve done. In an industry where not everyone ‘plays nice’ this is a record we’re enormously proud of. It’s also important to know that during the same time we’ve consistently achieved outstanding results for our clients doing SEO the right way. If you’re in it for the long-term and value your brand, speak to us.

We take local SEO
very seriously

If you have a physical location, chances are you’ll get real benefits from approaching local SEO the right way. We’ll focus on getting you found when people search for your product or service in areas you operate in. We’ll also make sure your Google My Business listing is accurate and showing your business in the best possible light. Local SEO can be technical and is often overlooked or done poorly. We’ll make sure you get the results you need.

Not just content,
real content strategy

Content means different things to different people. We’ll ensure that your perfect prospects are seeing content that answers their most pressing questions, solves their most difficult problems and delivers the value they seek. We’ll make sure your content is delivered in a way your visitors most want to consume it. Blogs, articles, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, infographics and more. The right content, presented the right way is the key to SEO success.

So much more

And there's
so much more

Where to stop? Certainly not before we mention our state of the art SEO supporting technology, the fact that our founders work in the business every day of the week, that we’ve won lots of awards over many years, that we have really transparent and fair pricing, that our designers are amazing, that we have excellent copywriters, that we’re big on competitor insights and lastly that we’d love to have a chat to you about your digital marketing!

Case Study

Jamesons Strata Management

When Michael, Jamesons’ CEO, approached Rocket in 2014 he was looking to rapidly grow his business. Naturally, we embraced the challenge with open arms, assisting with increasing brand awareness and strata proposals through a comprehensive digital strategy. Since then, we’re proud to say we’ve worked hand in hand with Jamesons to help fuel their exponential growth whilst they have expanded to six Sydney offices and counting. Being named as a finalist across a range of digital marketing awards has been the icing on the cake!


Annual increase in
organic traffic


Annual increase
in conversions


All time increase
in organic traffic

What should I expect from an SEO Audit?

It’s simple. You should expect our audit to deliver clear recommendations that will improve the return on investment you currently enjoy from organic traffic. We’ve done a lot of audits and we pride ourselves on either providing real value or letting you know your current team are doing a great job. Our approach is thorough. We don’t just rely on tools or shortcuts but instead use our smartest SEO strategists to review your current approach and let you know exactly how we see things. If you’d like to know if SEO could be making you more money then enter your domain name below!

Account Structure Review

Technical SEO

Messaging and creative Review


Search visibility

Placement Review

Local SEO

Audience Analysis


We'll improve your results

We do work with great companies of all sizes

  • smaller...
  • and bigger

We'd love you to be our next happy client

“Fantastic since day one, our quality leads have increased significantly and our business is growing. What else can you ask for!?”

Michael Vumbaca, General Manager

“We have seen a dramatic increase in social media activity since engaging with Rocket and feel that our brand presence from a digital aspect has had steady growth over the past 6 months.”

Nigel Miller, Co-Founder

“Very strong strategic capability, technically sound and amazing customer experience.”

Kelly Cross, Head of Marketing

“Outstanding quality of work, strong client focus, a genuine commitment to achieve exceptional results.”

Rod Berry, Managing Partner

“Great account management, creative strategy and amazing team :)”

Lisa Duong, Marketing Executive

“The team at Rocket are very helpful and provide assistance and suggestions when required. They are very responsive and easy to work with.”

Marielle Angulo, National Marketing Officer

“The transparency and involvement from the team at Rocket to get to know the business and focus to get real results.”

Navid Ghezelayagh, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Very professional and personal service which produces great results. Always kept well informed on what's going on.”

Robyn Lewis, EA and Jewellery Consultant

“Great customer service and great attention to detail. A lovely team to work with!”

Monica Page, ANZ Campaign Marketing Manager

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