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Winner | Best Search Agency - 2021 APAC Search Awards

Dominate Search Results with Powerful SEO

Boost organic leads and sales

Boost organic leads & sales


Increase website traffic 


Rank above your competition

Don't you just hate it when your competitor ranks above you on Google?

We hate it too.

SEO is tedious and technical. We know it takes time and effort to maintain rankings. 

SEO requires content writers, coders and specialists who know how to get you quick wins and set the foundations for long-term results. How do you keep up with Google's changing algorithms? How do you balance SEO with all your other marketing priorities?

Hundreds of SEO agencies will bombard you with confusing language and empty promises.

We know SEO results can’t be achieved in a day. It’s the implementation of clear, outcome-focussed optimisation strategies week on week, that ultimately leads to long-term success. We know the drill. And we’ve got over a hundred success stories to prove it.

We don’t just care about your SEO rankings.

We care about growing your business with Search Engine Optimisation.


15+ years experience in digital marketing and SEO 

We’ve been running, evolving and improving our SEO campaigns for clients across Australia since 2006. We’ve helped businesses across industries achieve amazing results with tailored SEO strategies.

Award-winning SEO campaigns

We have been consistently nominated and awarded for SEO results achieved for client campaigns at the APAC Search Awards, Google Premium Partner Awards, AMY Awards, B&T Awards and SEMRush Awards.

Proven SEO Processes

We approach SEO with a clear focus on the 3 pillars of success - authority, relevance and trust. Keeping in mind the changes in Google, our team follows proven processes that can be tailored to your business for year-on-year SEO growth.

We’re an award-winning agency of 30+ digital marketing specialists.


We work with businesses just like you!

From B2C businesses aiming to boost organic sales, to B2B businesses aiming for larger growth targets, we’ve been the go-to SEO services partner.

Eliminate the pressure of SEO from your day-to-day. We’ve got your back!

We’re trusted by Australian companies across professional services, technology, IT, real estate, aged care, hospitality, gyms, construction, finance and more.
Is Rocket the Right Sized Agency For You?

Why choose Rocket as your 
SEO Agency?

Experience 100% Transparency and Accountability

You’ll know what we are doing at all times. We’ll execute an SEO Strategy Roadmap that’s built specifically for your business, so you can keep us accountable for delivering ever-improving SEO gains at all times. Clear deliverables, clearer wins.

Experience Thorough 
SEO Excellence

With Rocket, you can expect seriously in-depth technical website audits - checking and fixing crawling errors, mobile optimisation, site speed and more. We maximise both on-site and off-site SEO optimisation opportunities with a deliberate and systematic approach. All in all, expect the best SEO agency experience.

Take Advantage of Industry-Leading Tools and Talent

You get a team, not just one SEO “guy” to work on your campaigns. You’ll be supported by an Account Manager, a Strategist, SEO specialists, Content creators and Web developers that live and breathe digital marketing everyday. Our team subscribe to and are trained in, the very best tools available globally for maximising client results.

Content Strategy Aligned with 
Business Goals

Content is the backbone of SEO. With Rocket, you’ll not just get content - you’ll get a winning content strategy that speaks to your ideal buyer, engages them and encourages them to make an active enquiry.


How many potential customers are you losing because of ineffective marketing?

Our guess is, it’s more than you like.
At Rocket, we work with you to maximise your business growth, return on investment and maximise your peace-of-mind.

Dominate market share with a winning 
SEO strategy.


Gear up for explosive website traffic 
with Rocket Agency


Let’s talk

Speak to one of our Senior Consultants to clarify your marketing objectives.


Kick-off SEO campaign

Our team of SEO specialists and web developers will implement SEO strategies catered for your specific business.


Dominate Search Results

Watch as your website traffic skyrockets and organic leads and sales flow in as we continue to optimise your site.
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Our clients say it best

We'd love to help you increase organic leads and sales.

If you’ve got a challenge we’d love the chance to come up with a solution.

Drop us a line.

Whether it's a complex campaign, tracking issues or general optimisation advice, we'd love to help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Rocket a Google Premier Partner?

    Rocket Agency is a proud Google Premier Partner as well as a Bing Agency Partner. Our contacts within these programs mean we know exactly where to go to find the right answer to your Google Ads questions.

    Why does this matter?

    Having a Google Ads agency that’s registered as a Google Premier Partner means that your marketing is always up to date with the latest knowledge and utilising the most useful features of all of Google’s products – which change all the time!

    It also means that we have access to Premium Support from Google for all our clients.

    Not only is Rocket Agency a Google Premier Partner, but we’ve also been nominated several times in their national awards program – and even won the Display Innovation category in 2019.

    How does Rocket structure its agency fees for Google Ads Management?

    The short answer is – it depends.

    The Google Ads agency management fees would depend on whether it’s a part of a broader marketing engagement including other channels and projects.

    The fees would depend on the complexity of your campaign, different products/services you offer and to a degree, your media budget for Google Ads.

    When you’re taking Adwords management agency fees into consideration, compare what the fees include and what you’ll need to see and share the results – think A/B testing ads, reporting, analytics, CRO recommendations and more. The Rocket Agency approach to Google Ads management is thorough, with a dedicated Account Manager appointed to your campaign as well as the skills and time of our extended Google Ads specialist team.

    Can you share some of your Google Ads success stories?

    You can check out some of our Google Ads campaigns on our Case Studies page. In particular, check-out our Luna Park case study where we increased their Google Ads revenue by 1661%!

    Our success stories pan across different industries and business sizes. We work with B2B businesses, B2C businesses and SMEs as well to grow their revenue or generate leads via Google Ads.

    Do you recommend advertising on Bing?

    Bing Ads could be a great media option to extend your Search Marketing budget to, if you cater to a particular buyer persona. It is estimated that Bing has a market share of 11% in Australia, particularly amongst users over 35 years old with higher levels of household income and education. To some commercial markets, the typical Bing user can be more desirable than that of Google.

    Bing is often the default search engine for Windows computers, that are commonly allocated to employees of large business organisations.

    We are proud to say that Rocket was the first Sydney-based company to become a fully accredit`ed Bing Partner, so we have the skills and knowledge based on experience to know if it’s the right platform for your marketing dollars.

    If I become a Google Ads Agency client with Rocket, how often will we communicate?

    As little or as often you’d like! Depending on the complexity of your campaigns, we’d interact more frequently at the beginning of the campaign, while we spend significant time learning about your business, your competitors and the market in general. As the campaign progresses, we recommend having a weekly WIP in person or over the phone to run through results, performance and any action points for the following week.

    Regardless, you can always reach your Account Manager via phone or email.

    What's the most important metric when running Google Ads?

    The most important metric from Google Ads all depends on what kind of campaign you’re running and what goals you want to achieve from it. Most often, the metrics that are most important to our clients are one of:

    · Conversions
    · Conversion Rate
    · Cost Per Conversion / Acquisition (CPC / CPA)
    · Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)
    · Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
    · Cost per Click (CPC)
    · Search Impression Share

    Does Rocket do more than just Google Ads?

    We sure do! We’re your outsourced full-service Digital Marketing team that offers SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Display Advertising, Emails & Marketing Automation, Design, Writing & Video! Get in touch to see how we can help your business today.

    I'm not located in Sydney. Can Rocket still be my Google Ads Agency?

    Of course! If you’ve got a challenge we’d love the chance to come up with a solution. Most of all though, we’d love to help grow your business. Drop us a line. We’d love to answer your curliest Google Ads question or help you solve your biggest marketing problem.

    How transparent are Rocket’s Google Ads Services?

    We like our client relationships to be built on trust. 100% of your media budgets go into buying media. Clients also have full access to their campaigns so they know exactly what’s happening. When you work with Rocket, it’s that simple. Check out our company values here!
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    We’re your outsourced digital marketing team

    If you’ve got a challenge we’d love the chance to come up with a solution. Most of all though, we’d love to help grow your business.