Who Will Be Working on Your SEM Campaigns

Just like with our approach to SEO, Rocket’s core priority is to have the best people possible working on our client’s SEM campaigns. As a fledgling industry in Australia, there is unfortunately a shortage of quality Sydney PPC techs for which an agency can build its business. It is also common in the industry to see technicians in the space move around jobs with the next best offer. At a recent Google event we attended, the speaker asked the room to raise their hand if they worked in PPC – about 50 hands went up. He then asked how many had been with their current employer for more than 12 months – about eight hands stayed up and everybody laughed!

At Rocket, we have seen these employment trends over the years. This is why a critical component to our ongoing success in the paid search space has centred around our agency structure.

Garry, our head of search, is one of the leading minds in PPC within Australia. With over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing, a capable programmer and with degrees in both economics and mathematics, you don’t get a better DNA makeup for a Head PPC Tech. With Garry’s vast knowledge flowing into our awesome PPC team (some of which who have been with us for nearly ten years, contrary to the statement above about techs moving!) we have the foundations, longevity and internal capabilities to deliver award-winning search campaigns for our clients. And, as winners and finalists in multiple Google Premier Partner and AMY Awards, we can say that with conviction!

Paid Search is not just limited to the monolith that is Google either. Bing is garnering an ever-increasing share of the market in the US and Australia. At Rocket we are proud to say we were announced as the first ever official Bing Partner in Sydney and are also a Bing Select Partner Agency.

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