Turn More Leads Into Revenue

Organise, optimise and align your sales and marketing teams
with sales enablement services from Rocket.

If your business is still using spreadsheets to capture leads or sales teams don’t have the right tools and templates to sell effectively in the digital age you’re most likely losing sales and revenue.

At Rocket we can help you set up your CRM to organise, optimise and align your sales and marketing strategy and convert more of your contacts into customers.


Capture all leads, trace the source of each lead, and understand exactly where they are in the sales journey at any point in time.


Streamline the sales process with content, technology and tools that empower sales teams to sell more effectively and at higher volumes.


Align sales and marketing teams by using data and lead scoring to qualify leads, so reps can focus only on the highest quality leads.


CRM Setup Services - Get More From Every Lead

For too many organisations, a lack of a proper lead follow-up system is leading to missed sales and missed revenue.
Rocket can help you organise all of your lead and customer data into one central platform, helping you understand where they came from, and exactly where each one is along the sales journey.

Our CRM Setup Services include:

Setting up your CRM including users
and importing and cleaning data from
existing platforms or databases.

Tailoring the platform to your
unique business needs, including
custom fields and email marketing

Building reports and dashboards for
single reps right up to C-suite dashboards
to get a holistic view of your company's
marketing and sales performance.


Sales Enablement Services - Close More Deals

Without a streamlined sales process to follow, it’s a lot harder for your sales team to move deals further down your funnel.
At Rocket we can help you streamline your sales processes by providing the content, technology and tools that empower salespeople to close more deals in less time.

Our CRM Setup Services include:

Mapping out and building a detailed
sales pipeline with clearly defined

Providing reps with the email
templates and content tools to move
leads forward at each stage of the

Automating alerts, follow ups and
tasks so that reps can focus on
their highest value activity: closing


Align Your Sales & Marketing Teams

In many organisations, there’s a huge misalignment between sales and marketing, leading to needless frustration and conflict.
Marketing are disappointed with the lack of visibility on the follow up of sales teams, while sales reps bemoan the lack of quality leads! But we can help you align sales and marketing through strategy and goal setting workshops, and through systems and processes that allow for end-to-end attribution tracking across both teams.

Marketing can then use sales data to optimise marketing campaigns to focus only on the highest quality buyers.This creates a positive feedback loop which allows reps to spend more and more time with higher quality leads.

Sales and Marketing Alignment services include:

Sales and marketing alignment

Identifying buyer personas and
building account based marketing

Attribution modeling and campaign
reporting to optimise paid marketing
campaigns for the highest quality leads.

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