We remain stunned by the number of otherwise smart companies who allow their sales and marketing teams to exist in separate silos. It makes no sense.

According to the Harvard Business Reviewwhen Sales and Marketing work well together, companies see substantial improvement on important performance metrics: Sales cycles are shorter, market-entry costs go down, and the cost of
sales is lower

Keep them apart and you’ll not only lose the above, but you’ll also give people in both teams the ability to blame the other for poor performance. You’ll find it hard to ever know where the real problem exists. During good times small cracks could
be papered over through targets being met. This is unlikely in coming months for most businesses. Cracks will appear, the blame game will start and your business will suffer. Front foot this now.

Ever heard a sales person use the quality of leads as their excuse for missing their sales targets? Ever heard a marketer tell you that revenue is down because the sales team aren’t making their calls or doing their job properly?

By keeping these teams separate you are encouraging an Us and Them culture. There is not a single reason this is a good idea. This should never be acceptable in any company. But in the current climate, and the one to come during the recovery, it will severely limit your ability to make the changes needed to grab market share.

Here’s some tips to get your teams working together more effectively:
• Have key members of sales and marketing in your recession recovery team.
• Have them work on creating content together.
• Have them analyse and agree on the customer journey together.
• Have them develop buyer personas together.
• Share marketing, sales and customer feedback in real-time with both teams
• Have them sit together where possible.
• Arrange recurring meetings to plan upcoming periods and review and analyse results.
• Have them collectively own relevant metrics across both sales and marketing.

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