This is a key part of surviving the crisis and thriving during the recovery. Simply letting people know you exist is rarely good enough when it comes to attracting prospects, let alone converting them into opportunities or paying customers.

Your offer is the way you wrap up your product or service in a nice package. It’s how you make what you’re promoting irresistible to your perfect prospects.

You need to craft a compelling offer right now that makes sense in the context of the recession. You need to revisit this offer as things change and when the recovery starts. In all cases, your offer needs to drive prospects to want to take that next step.

Here are some of the most effective ways to do this:
• Highlight the health and safety steps you’re currently taking
• Offer a bonus product or service with the purchase.
• Offer a free or very cheap product or service to help people get comfortable with your company.
• Bundle your product or service with other items your prospects will value.
• Offer a discount.
• Offer free or fast shipping.
• Offer a guarantee.
• Offer a free trial period.
• Limit the quantity or time your offer will be available for.
• Offer a payment plan to reduce the upfront financial burden.
• Donate some part of the purchase price to charity.

The best way to craft your offer is to build out a list describing how each of these elements might work for your product or service. Then, based on what you know about your personas and your product or service, develop an appropriate offer strategy. You might use one of the elements mentioned in the list above, or you might use a combination.

You might be uncertain about which elements will work best for your product or service right now. Our advice is to experiment with the ideas you think are most likely to work. You should also look at the reasons existing customers already buy from you. If you’re not sure, then speak to a sample of these people. Existing customers can provide valuable insights into effective future offers. Learn what is most likely to change behaviour and go from there.

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