Something that is becoming very clear is that the companies with the most options right now are those with the strongest sales funnels.

Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer describes a sales funnel as a “multi-step, multi-modality process that moves prospective browsers into buyers”.

A sales funnel is a step-by-step process for making the most of every prospect that comes into contact with your business. It often involves stages including:

• Effective ways to cost-effectively drive traffic to your high-converting website or landing page
• Valuable content to collect email addresses and other contact details (like this guide)
• Automated emails to help nurture prospects not yet ready to buy
• Strong offers to trigger sales now or in the future
• Best of breed sales processes and/or sales people to turn interest into revenue at a higher rate than your competitors

The reality is that only a small percentage of people who view your website are ready to buy today. For most businesses, it’s less than 3% of all visits. A sales funnel is the way for you to capture as many of the other 97% as possible.

The goal is to be able to nurture, and ultimately sell to, your entire market when the time is right for them to buy.

Every business should understand what the perfect sales funnel looks like for them. It’s critical to growing market share at any time, and most particularly during the coming recovery.

If you’d like a free video-based chat with one of our marketing strategists then get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help. We can give you some great ideas relevant to your specific needs.

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