Without careful planning and execution, it’s unrealistic to expect an increase in market share from the most disruptive health and economic shock in modern times. You need goals, and specific people who are capable of, and can be held accountable for, hitting them.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Build a team consisting of smart and motivated people. Make sure sales, marketing, customer service, product and the executive are all represented. If you’re already a small team, this will be much easier.

2. Have no more people in this team than you absolutely need. Small teams representing different parts of the business will make better decisions. You’re looking for volunteers, not conscripts, who believe in this as much as you do.

3. Give the team real authority and budget. Make sure they report directly to the CEO. Again, if you have a small team this will be easy.

4. Make sure sales and marketing are on the same page from here on in. No more blame game or pulling in different directions. This is critical. You’ll fail if you let sales and marketing blame each other when things get tough. And things will get tougher before they get better.

5. Make a clear decision on what your marketing goals are for long-term success. This will vary according to your specific business. Your goal can’t be ‘make more money’. Speak to us if you need help on this as you need to get this right.

Here are some possibilities:
• Building brand awareness
• Growing the database of prospects
• Building a sales funnel (this might be the most valuable asset any business can own right now)
• Generating sales / conversions
• Or a combination of the above

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