63. Make sure your site is lightning fast
A fast website has always been critical to achieving healthy conversion rates, strong organic search results and overall visitor satisfaction. With so many people working from home, internet networks have become congested. Many of your prospects will now be reaching your site using slow internet connections. Optimising site speed has never been so important.

64. Seriously Consider Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Genuine prospects are like gold for most businesses at the moment. Don’t be that business who misses out on a lead because your competitor’s site was more effective. Now is the time to work out how to do more with your existing traffic by increasing your conversion rate.

65. Audit your mobile experience
Mobile traffic might be down, but for most businesses mobile traffic still contains valuable prospects. However, far too many businesses still offer a mobile experience well below their desktop experience. Now is not the time to lose sales, leads and revenue because your mobile experience is below par. Grab your mobile, browse your site and start jotting down issues you find. Get them fixed.

66. See and hear what your site visitors are actually thinking!
This is not so much a COVID-19 idea, but we’ve seen it generate tremendous value time and time again. User testing is the process of getting a small number of people unfamiliar with your site to attempt to complete a few simple tasks on it. Their screen is captured and they talk through their thinking. This is the best way of finding ways to improve your site that you’ve missed because you’re too close to the problem. We’re big fans of usertesting.com, but you’ll get the best out of the process by using an agency like us to manage the process and unearth the key recommendation for you. 

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