General Marketing Tips

  • Update your leading marketing messages immediately
  • Accept that video is no longer optional
  • Consider delaying new product launches
  • Figure out a way to deliver your offering in a contactless (or safer) way
  • Over-communicate
  • Review real-time marketing performance
  • Build your case-studies
  • Be agile
  • Evaluate running Spotify ads for your business to drive brand awareness
  • Make sure sales and marketing are aligned
  • Review your on-hold, time-consuming and long-term project ideas
  • Invest in professional development

  • Grow your partnership network
  • Develop strategies to retain your customers
  • Nurture lost clients
  • Do your competitor research
  • Need to cut budgets? DO NOT cut everything evenly
  • Ask your customers, ‘How can I help?’
  • Don’t kill your marketing
  • Invest in awareness
  • Clean-up your database
  • Convert your top-performing blogs to video
  • Invest in building or renewing your marketing assets
  • Pretend you’re a prospect

Offers & Messaging

  • Give prospects an added reason to take action now
  • Support your audience through a tough time
  • Articulate how your offering will transform your prospects’ lives
  • Be empathetic
  • Prepare your non-COVID-19 messages
  • Start Selling post COVID-19 experiences
  • Make sure prospects understand your offering during COVID-19
  • Consider using COVID-19 language and themes in your marketing


  • Thinking long-term? Think SEO
  • Scrap your content calendar
  • Update your local business listings
  • Make those SEO related coding changes to your website
  • Dive into video SEO

Paid Ads (Google, Bing and Social)

  • Review all your ads
  • Consider the case for increasing your ad spend
  • Pivot media spend to in-home
  • Do you qualify for a Google Ads credit or a Facebook Ads grant?
  • Don’t jump at (data) shadows
  • Consider advertising on Bing
  • Review your bid modifiers
  • Don’t go overboard with creating urgency
  • It’s a great time for a campaign deep dive
  • Constantly review your bottom of the funnel campaigns
  • Review your search terms report regularly
  • Reach your customers where they are

Email & Content Marketing

  • This is the perfect time for content marketing
  • Pause and audit all automated emails and content
  • Create an ebook
  • Invest in building your database of prospects
  • Run a webinar
  • Create COVID-19 specific website content
  • Keep the content rolling
  • Create a monster piece of content

Social Media

  • Increase your investment in social media
  • Take a serious look at LinkedIn
  • Improve your remarketing campaigns
  • Go Live on social
  • Create a Facebook Group

Website Improvements

  • Seriously Consider Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Make sure your site is lightning fast
  • Audit your mobile experience
  • See and hear what your site visitors are actually thinking!

Online Retail

  • Transform from bricks-and-mortar to clicks-and-mortar
  • Audit your product offering
  • Reshoot your products
  • Make sure your inventory and delivery times are up-to-date
  • Make sure you give shoppers clarity

Develop a strategy, not just a series of tactics

The tips in this survival guide are working right now to transform COVID-19 marketing outcomes for our clients. Real value is being created and the fate of businesses and people are being positively impacted.

Warning: This rarely happens by actioning a single tip.

The decisions you make today are going to have a positive or a negative impact during the largest and most uncertain global crisis any of us have ever experienced.

Usually, we’d finish a guide like this with a call to arms to get started without delay. In the case of your COVID-19 response, we are strongly recommending that business owners and marketers slow down and ensure they have an effective strategy which allows them to use their precious resources to achieve a desired goal.

Your perfect strategy will almost certainly feature a number of the tips in this guide. However, it’s the strategy and not the tips which will make or break you.

If there is anything the team at Rocket can do to help, or any question we can answer to help give you clarity, don’t hesitate to be in touch at or 1300 059 620.

Good luck and take care.

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