67. Transform from bricks-and-mortar to clicks-and-mortar
In many industries, online sales are booming. If you have something you can sell this way, but you’re not up and running just yet, then it’s probably worth an experiment. The quickest way to get going, without the need for custom development, is by looking at Shopify or Bigcommerce

68. Audit your product
It’s likely that some of your products or services are going to be more effective than others in the current conditions. Start your COVID-19 response by determining which products should be pushed and which should be held back.

69. Reshoot your products
If you find yourself with some spare time, now might be a great time to make sure your product shots are perfect. It’s exactly the sort of job that gets put off when things are busy.

70. Make sure your inventory and delivery times are up-to-date
With a huge jump in online retail it’s more important than ever to ensure your stock levels and delivery times are accurate. If you sell online, it’s likely you’re attracting new customers right now. It’s important they can trust in the orders they are considering placing with you. If large sections of your inventory are unavailable then consider temporarily removing these items and amending your remarketing strategy so buyers can easily view what is available for purchase right now.

71. Make sure you give shoppers clarity
Many buyers are concerned about delays to delivery times, expensive shipping, health & safety with packing and delivery and prices in general. As always, it’s critical to understand buyers’ concerns and clearly address them throughout their journey.

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