25. Give prospects an added reason to take action now
Finding it tough to get prospects to take that next step? How about offering a small discount or free shipping? If you’re marketing a service could you package it up with a physical premium or a bonus of some type? Or offer people a highly competitive introductory offer? Whatever the offer is that works best for you, it's worth getting creative.

26. Support your audience through a tough time
Your prospects need help right now. What assets do you have which can allow you to lend a hand? We’ve seen companies take previously inexpensive digital assets and offer them to their audience for free temporarily. We’ve seen others package up assets and deliver them as a COVID-19 related offer. What can you do with what you already have?

27. Articulate how your offering will transform your prospects’ lives
Buyers need to understand how their future will look and feel after they have purchased from you. This is truer now than ever before. In a world of constant uncertainty, people need to understand the benefits of your offering and its impact on their future self.

28. Be empathetic
A lot of your prospects and customers are having a tough time at the moment. Make sure your language and behaviour is empathetic. It’ll be remembered when things do turn around.

29. Prepare your non-COVID-19 messages
Currently, content and headlines with COVID-19 references are performing well. But this will change, and probably change quickly. Make sure you’re still creating evergreen content which you can continue to promote through your usual digital marketing strategy as things start returning to normal.

30. Start Selling post COVID-19 experiences
For some businesses this is already working, for others you’ll need to wait a little longer. Is there an offer you can make which gets bookings or sales moving with delivery or commencement held off until a later date? This can help with cashflow right now. Just as importantly though, it can also help you secure or grow your market share for later. We have seen this work well in hospitality and travel. For example, have loyal customers give your experiences as gifts which can be redeemed once you are open again. 

31. Consider using COVID-19 language and themes in your marketing
Right now, making direct references to COVID-19 or being ‘at home’ will improve your marketing results. But this won’t always be the case, and will vary from industry to industry. Experiment with this in your digital marketing so you know when it’s time to pivot your language.

32. Make sure prospects understand your offering during COVID-19
Don’t assume prospects know the steps you have taken to continue offering your product or service safely during COVID-19. Develop a simple message which lets them know what to expect from their interactions with you.

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