50. This is the perfect time for content marketing
People are spending more time than ever online. Your competitors are in turmoil and your existing marketing is no longer as effective as before. For some businesses, short term lead or sales generating campaigns simply won’t work for the foreseeable future. It’s time to pivot your digital marketing and invest more in the long-term, and content marketing is a great place to start. Use the time you have now to build out current or future content. This guide is an excellent example of content marketing created from the need to pivot aspects of our own marketing. Good content marketing can deliver results today and continue working for months or years to come.

51. Pause and audit all automated emails and content
We’ve seen some genuinely tone-deaf content come out in the past few weeks. In most cases this was content created and scheduled many weeks, months or even years ago. If you have not done this already, then drop everything and do this right now! How appropriate are those automated emails and soon to be released content pieces for today’s market?

52. Create an ebook
There are mistakes your customers are making right now as a result of COVID-19. Now is the time to create an ebook taking them through their 5 most common mistakes and what to do about them. Make sure you spend more time on promoting your guide than you did on creating it.

53. Invest in building your database of prospects
Businesses who have spent the time and money building large databases of future prospects are in a much better position today than those relying on a constant new flow of leads and sales. The reason? These companies can reach out, at virtually no cost, and communicate via email, SMS, retargeting, 1:1 calls and even physical mail to large numbers of potential customers. If you don’t have such a database, get started building it today. It’s never too late to start. How about swapping a piece of valuable content for an email address or mobile phone number? We can help you decide on the best marketing automation software to get started with.

54. Run a webinar
With the ability to learn in person severely restricted, we’re seeing enormous growth in the effectiveness of webinars. Sign-ups and engagements are sky-rocketing. If you’ve got a valuable message, it’s time to consider delivering it via a webinar. You can’t go wrong with Zoom. Record your webinar and use the content to generate leads well into the future.

55. Create COVID-19 specific website content
If there is any chance a prospect or customer could have questions about your services during this time then you need to update your website. Don’t make them guess. You should consider adding FAQs as well as building dedicated pages.

56. Keep the content rolling
If you’ve developed a pattern of content creation, EDMs and social posts then now is not the time to slow things down. It’s important that you speak to your audience either the same amount or more often than normal. Not only will this be important for long term SEO, it will also send a strong message to your prospects that it’s business as usual and you intend to be there on the other side. 

57. Create a monster piece of content
There’s still a place for short SEO-driven content. The reality though is that a really in-depth definitive piece of content will out-perform shorter and more superficial content. Now is a good time to make a start. Here’s an example of this sort of content, launched for ourselves.

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