One of the most common mistakes we see is when a business creates a great eBook, they will put it on their website and then simply wait for success. 

I have never seen this approach work. 

The success of an eBook always relies on how hard you are willing to work in promoting it. One critical measure of success for an eBook is how many new prospects it added to your database. Without running marketing campaigns, this number is going to be very small.

If you’re not intending to promote your eBook then I’d suggest you save your time and money and don’t bother.

Here are the various ways we promote our eBooks. Typically, an eBook is promoted in all of these ways for us.

Display ads: We will typically create one ad for prospecting and another for remarketing. The creative is often a little different for people who have previously visited your website versus those who have no idea who you are.

Social ads: As a marketing agency we’re a B2B business in terms of our own marketing. We found Linkedin InMail and LinkedIn Sponsored Posts work best for us. On Facebook, we typically only run Retargeting Ads as prospecting ads are less effective for us. For many of our clients, however, the mix is completely different and often the only way to know is to run experiments with new content pieces. 

Organic social: eBooks give you a great reason to reach out to your networks via social. For us this includes not only our main company pages, but also for key people within Rocket to promote the eBook, or parts of it, to their own networks. 

Paid search ads: If you can identify top-of-funnel search terms your ideal prospects are using, you can promote your eBook to them via paid search. The trick here is to avoid the more expensive bottom-of-funnel terms which will generally make your campaign unprofitable.

EDMs to your database: Every eBook we create is promoted to our own database and generates a large number of downloads and feedback. This serves a few valuable purposes. It reminds your prospects that you exist even if they don’t download the content. If they do download the eBook, it provides them with value and hopefully helps them solve a problem. In some cases, it will hit the inbox of a prospect who finds themselves close to making a purchasing decision and they will, in turn, get in touch with us for a chat.

Website placement: Every page of our website contains a call-to-action to download one of our eBooks. We also have a section in our top-level navigation that takes users to all the eBooks we have created. This is an incredibly important part of the process. We will often have people find us via a referral, search or social and the only reason we will be able to market to them in the future is because they spotted some content they valued and provided us with their email address.

Find a partner: This is huge. You should find companies that share similar personas with your business but are typically not your competitors. You should then look at ways to co-brand or co-promote your eBooks so you can increase your reach and credibility exponentially.

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