It’s critical in all marketing campaigns that you can evaluate the return on investment and eBooks are no exception. 

For most eBooks you are unlikely to be driving sales or leads in the first instance. Rather they should be considered as a tool to introduce people to your business, and as a way to start and then nurture a relationship with your perfect prospects.

For this reason, if you are using a simplistic attribution model like last-click (i.e. you measure the importance of your marketing campaigns by how many of them led directly to a conversion in the next click) then you’ll be disappointed by how your eBook performs.

An eBook’s true value is in first introducing prospects to your brand and in providing further value along the way (people who have downloaded one of your eBooks will often download more in the future).

Tracking and reporting is crucial to measuring each interaction with an eBook.

When we create an eBook we do the following:

· Ensure we are tracking total file downloads in Google Analytics
· Ensure that all campaigns driving visitors to our landing pages (for example ads, posts, emails, links etc) are using unique UTM parameters so we know where each download came from.
· Add UTM parameters to all links within the eBook so we can see how well our eBook is driving traffic across our website
· Ensure that we can see every contact in our CRM who has interacted with the eBook so we can understand how it has contributed to overall sales and revenue. We use HubSpot for this and it works amazingly well.

Most importantly, we review the key metrics being generated on a regular basis to ensure our eBook is performing as expected. Of most interest are the total number of downloads and the average cost per download. If an eBook is not performing, we quickly want to understand why.

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