If you get this wrong, all of your efforts will be largely wasted. There is only one perspective here which is important, and that is your customers. What are their problems? What are their needs? How can you help add immediate value?

Here’s where I see people go wrong:

· They create a topic that is too much in the weeds or too detail orientated.
For example, in this guide, I am not going to talk about which application to use to build an eBook or which fonts and colours are most likely to be the most effective. I’m keeping the content at the level which provides value to the people I most want to reach and these are marketers, business owners and senior managers rather than designers.

· They create a topic that is too general.
I could have made this eBook about content marketing in general. It’s a huge topic, and there is value there, but I know marketers who are considering creating an eBook will face real challenges and are often a good fit for a discussion with us.

· They don’t understand who their audience is.
Yep, that’s right. A lot of marketers and business owners don’t really understand their key personas so will struggle from the start. Speak to your salespeople, your customer support people and your frontline teams if you want to better understand what your perfect prospects value and what problems they need help solving.

My advice is that you spend a lot of time on this point. Build a list of topics that you think will be of value to a specific persona you are targeting. Once this list is finished, review it to decide on the most valuable eBook you can create.

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