by Garry Viner on March 16, 2020

Video Transcript

Garry Viner: Hello, it's Garry and Mariano here. Mariano is an Account Manager here at Rocket and today he's going to talk to us about view-through conversions and Facebook. Mariano has had lots of experience running Facebook campaigns for our clients and with View-Through Conversion, it's when somebody views an ad without clicking on it and still converts. Take it away.

Mariano DiLascio: So thanks for having me first. The importance of understanding view-through conversions is because when we are running a specific campaign, we are investing in a specific channel, in this case Facebook, and it's important for us to understand the value that that channel is bringing into the business. We usually do that through understanding the cost and the amount of conversions that we get, but depending on where you look at the conversions, you may find different data and that's why it's critical to understand the different conversion types that Facebook has available.

Mariano DiLascio: To give you an example, you may be running a campaign in Facebook, after a month you check the number of conversion, you see 10 conversions. You are happy, that's what you wanted to see. Then you go to Google analytics and you find only five, and then crisis and you start hesitating. Okay, is it the marketing agency? Is it the account manager?

Garry Viner: Can't be the agency.

Mariano DiLascio: Is it Garry? So in those cases you may find that the actual answer is the view-through conversions, because Facebook will attribute to himself conversions that ended up happening through a different channel. Maybe organic, direct, paid search, whatever.

Garry Viner: Right.

Mariano DiLascio: So in those cases we may find, okay is it still worth to run the Facebook campaign? And the answer is, it depends. The only important thing is to understand the difference, so you know you are in control of your data and you can make decisions in different scenarios.

Garry Viner: Okay. So determining the value of view-through conversion then, it's not an exact science, but what are some clues that you might have towards whether view-through conversions are valuable?

Mariano DiLascio: So there's definitely some clues that you can look at. One thing that I usually tend to do is to put myself in the place of the prospect and think, "Okay, if I see this ad, even if I don't convert, is it adding something to my decision making process or it's not." If it's a testimonial, it may be giving me some confidence. If it's a review of the features, it may give me some extra information about the product. So we can think of the view as a TV commercial, it means you cannot measure that direct impact because you cannot click on your TV. But I mean you can now.

Garry Viner: I've tried.

Mariano DiLascio: You have tried. But it is still generating an impact, that you can see then in your sales and in your bottom line. So that's one where you've seen it. And the other way you could test turning Facebook off and evaluating what happens after, and see if that view was adding something, but you are putting the campaign at risk. Then it's just trusting on your messaging. So if you feel that you have a very strong messaging, if you have something to say in that view, in that specific interaction, just you have to trust and test. And we at Rocket, we of course see all the time the impact of a strong ad or any communication program.

Garry Viner: And I guess, there are different types of creative on Facebook as well, some of them like carousels or video ads are potentially going to have a stronger view-through element than perhaps just a static ad that appears in your Newsfeed.

Mariano DiLascio: Yeah, that's true. And that's why Facebook also gives you the possibility of tweaking the conversion kind of window for view and for clicks. So, depending on the ad that you are using, you can tweak that conversion window and see different versions of the same reality.

Garry Viner: Right. So for an awareness campaign, you might have a short conversion window, you want someone to take action straight away.

Mariano DiLascio: Exactly.

Garry Viner: For a bottom of funnel campaign, maybe you allow them longer to reach a decision. All right, that's certainly cleared it up for me. Hopefully it's cleared up for you as well. At Rocket, we run lots of paid social campaigns across Facebook and LinkedIn. If you're interested in giving us a call, you can see at the URL on your screen, check it out and get in touch. Cheers.


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