by Garry Viner on March 16, 2020

Video Transcript

Garry: Hello, it's Gary and Harrison from Rocket and Harrison is our video strategist and we're talking about risk-taking when creating video ads. Now, nobody enjoys taking risk more than me, particularly when it's somebody else who has to take the risk. Harrison, what kind of risks are we talking about here?

Harrison: Well, risks in terms of video marketing campaigns. This for me is differentiating yourself from the norm. Look at what your competitors are doing, look at what other people are doing in your particular industry vector and think about the kind of videos you've seen - and you've probably watched the same video a hundred times. You really need to take that formula, turn it on its head, and provide something new to the space. We had a client at the end of last year, come to us with this exact problem. They were a gaming convention and they were sick of doing the same old "Show the expo footage, sell some tickets" style of video marketing campaign. So they said, "We want something creative. What can you do for us?"

Harrison: So - I came back to them. I opened up Microsoft Paint. I drew Sonic the Hedgehog from scratch. I'm a terrible drawer. He looked barely like the hedgehog himself and basically created an entire video campaign around teaching others to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. People were drawing him in the comments. People were engaging, sharing this ad with their friends and the biggest feedback from the client was they loved how this didn't feel like a video ad. It was pushing all the great things that they loved about the convention, community involvement, how much everyone loves games, and how much everyone loves having fun with everything to do with gaming, without specifically asking people just to buy tickets. It took away that hard sell element and in the end, the ad performed really well and sold lots of tickets so the client was obviously happy with that too.

Garry: It was genuinely brilliant. You did some great stuff in that campaign. I noticed some of the comments underneath somebody suggested that whoever did the video strategy for the campaign should get a pay rise. How did that work for you?

Harrison: Well, I tried to track down the person who provided that comment so that they could act as a witness when I pitched that to my boss. Sadly it didn't go as planned, but maybe next time.

Garry: Better luck next time. Okay. Not all clients obviously are as accommodating as that so we deal with a lot of brands that are a little bit more serious and I don't imagine you'd be able to get away with that. What are your kind of suggestions there for the kind of more corporate brands?

Harrison: Exactly right. Sometimes risk-taking, you definitely can't draw Sonic the Hedgehog if you are running a law firm for example. If you are more B2B, a corporate brand or something that's considered more serious, even though I really hate ascribing that term to any brand or organisation, then a risk for you guys might actually be breaking down that corporate barrier and really showing a bit of vulnerability, showing how you've engaged with your customers, engage with your partners in the working environment, showing how your teams work collaboratively to achieve business results and using personal anecdotes to tell that story through video. Rather than the classic corporate walkthrough of a really nice office, actually get someone from your organisation, in a slightly more relaxed setting, to tell the story of how they've developed a business relationship with a really good client, how they've helped them succeed, and there's a real human element to that. We can all relate to that because, at the end of the day, even if you are B2B, you're still dealing with people from the organisation and you've got to connect with them in order to form those business relationships.

Garry: Yeah. Okay. You're right, Sonic the Hedgehog would not work for the law firm. It might work with a hedge fund though.

Harrison: Oh, wow.

Garry: Yeah. Thanks so much for your time. We do lots of great video strategy, video content, video editing. There's a great page on our website, the URL's in front of you. Check us out. Bye!

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