by David Lawrence on November 7, 2019

Video Transcript

Garry Viner: Hey, it's Garry from Rocket Agency. I'm sitting here with Stef, who is a Senior Account Manager. And we're talking lead generation today. All leads aren't the same. Some are more valuable than others. Do you want to talk us through your thoughts there?

Stef Perrone: Yeah, definitely. I think the key thing to note is that yeah, as you've mentioned, is not all leads are created equal. And it's definitely a thing. We have clients coming to us, and the brief is just lead generation. I need leads. And it's at that point where you need to sit down and speak to the client and understand what are the leads that you need and also do you understand the different value of these different leads to your business. So I think one key thing and kind of a good real-world example is we have a client in property development where their key thing is just obviously leads, so they can get people who are interested in buying a house or whatnot.

And you can kind of take that conversation one of two ways. It's either like, yeah, we can get you leads in the form of like lead forms on Facebook, where the information is literally already prefilled. You don't even need to do anything besides clicking a single button. And obviously you're going to get way more volume in the door doing it that way, v. something that kind of pre-qualifies traffic. You're taking them through to a landing page, you're introducing information about the project, and then obviously they need to be bothered to CRA to scroll through all that and then fill their details out at the bottom of that. So it kind of strikes that question in the balance between like, well, do you want these kinds of poorer quality leads where you literally are a one button click and get more? Or would you prefer to have people going through that longer process, which means inevitably you're going to get fewer people that are qualified to that level, but naturally the quality at that level is going to be something better.

Garry Viner: Right. Okay. So Facebook lead forms, the leads tend to be cheaper to acquire as well.

Stef Perrone: Definitely. Yeah. Probably I'd say like one-third of the cost of getting them to a landing page, give or take.

Garry Viner: But questions about the quality. I guess the other thing is that when you take a lead, a prospect to your website, you have the opportunity of remarketing to them so you can cookie them and you can target them with further marketing and that's not something that you can do with a lead form, right?

Stef Perrone: Yeah, absolutely. It basically remains on the platform in Facebook.
Garry Viner: Okay, so given the potentially dubious nature of leads that you acquire through Facebook lead forms, are there examples where it does make sense to follow this path?

Stef Perrone: Yeah, definitely. I think where the off-ramp where you're asking for people is definitely lower level. Like if you wanted to sign people up for like a competition, if it was literally you're just trying to sign people up to a database, that's a perfect example of where something like lead forms is a really good way to get volume in the door. And that then gives you an opportunity to add them to your database and then serve them followup coms along the line in the form of an email nurture stream campaign, get it going from there.

Garry Viner: Okay. But with something that's a bit lower down in the funnel, people that you actually want to get in potentially for a meeting or a demo, it makes sense to take them to the website.

Stef Perrone: Yeah, absolutely.

Garry Viner: Yeah. I should also say that it's not just Facebook that has these lead forms as well. So YouTube at the moment is rolling out their YouTube lead forms. YouTube traditionally is seen as a brand awareness platform and they're really trying hard to push themselves or invent themselves as a lead generation platform as well. So that's just another tool that marketers have in their arsenal. But yeah, I guess as Stef says, it all does come down to what you want out of your leads, how much you're prepared to pay for them, how many you are able to burn because they're not good quality.

Stef Perrone: Absolutely.

Garry Viner: That's really it. Thank you very much for your time, Stef.

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