by David Lawrence on November 7, 2019

Video Transcript

Garry Viner: Hello. I'm with David Lawrence, our managing director. And Dave, you recently wrote an article entitled Never Start a Campaign With a Blank Piece of Paper.

David Lawrence: I did.

Garry Viner: What's that all about?

David Lawrence: Look, it's a long cryptic title, which is really about competitive research.

Garry Viner: Right.

David Lawrence: It's a really interesting thing. We have a lot of clients we come across, and it happens with marketers in agencies as well, where a new campaign comes across their desk and their natural reaction is to become creative, to sit down with a blank piece of paper and try to dream up a campaign.

David Lawrence: There's a place for that, but often we find that the best results were achieved where someone takes a big step back and they start their campaign by having a look at the entire competitive landscape. So they go off and they build a competitor list, either companies that they're actually genuinely competing with, but more often they are competitors doing things brilliantly in other markets that you'll never really compete against. Put together your list of 15 or 20 of them, and start going through them in a really deliberate way, to get a feel for where the gaps exist between what you're doing, what you intended to do, and what the best of the market are doing in other places.

David Lawrence: Okay. That's really, really useful, and you can do that at a technical level as well as a strategic level. So, within the various channels. There's options to do that as well.

Garry Viner: Yeah, absolutely.

David Lawrence: It's a great article. I strongly recommend you check it out. Never Start a Campaign With a Blank Piece of Paper. It's at

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