by David Lawrence on November 7, 2019

Video Transcript

Garry Viner: Hello. This is Garry from Rocket. I'm with Dave, our managing director, and we're talking about marketing tools. You've put together a list of 18 tools that you should use. Where are these 18 tools coming from? Why would you use them?

David Lawrence: Yeah, good question. The 18 tools are the tools that we use and love and recommend if our clients ask us what we're looking at. And we have a lot of requests from people, they ask us about the sort of tools we love and they ask us about specific tools, we thought it'd be great to get them up there. As background, there are thousands of marketing tools nowadays, way more than any marketer could ever possibly assess-

Garry Viner: It's gone from something like 15 tools to 7,000 tools or something within the last seven years.

David Lawrence: Absolutely. Absolutely. A totally crazy number and we're huge believers in tools and technology. We think there's a lot of things that marketers can do that are not worth their time, the repetitive tasks where you want to automate those so you can spend more time being strategic and creative, and also lots of tools that will basically suck in data faster than we can suck in data and process it and spit back out results telling us what we should be doing on particular campaigns. So huge fans of tools. You've got to make sure you have tools, you've got to make sure those tools are right as well though-

Garry Viner: Do you have a favourite tool that you use?

David Lawrence: I'm a huge fan of SEMrush, which is an intelligence tool that helps you understand what your competitors are doing as well as how your campaign is going. So that's a big one I love people to use, at the start of any campaign, but right through the campaign. How about you? What's your favourite tool?

Garry Viner: I would say maybe HubSpot. So HubSpot allows us to run great inbound campaigns for clients. It allows you to puts a framework around you can report to inbound marketing. We get a lot of use out of that.

David Lawrence: Excellent. And I think one of the other things that I often think about with tools is people used to talk about the fact that marketers would potentially be done out of jobs by artificial intelligence. And that's absolutely not happened and it doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon, but that shouldn't make you disappointed in tools. What it should make you understand is that the tools are absolutely essential to keep you competitive and make sure you're using your time well, but the time that gets freed up, should be moved into strategy, creativity, coming up with new and better ideas than your competitor. So tools get you part of the way nowadays, but smarts is what you really require.

Garry Viner: Right. Okay. So 18 tools. Have a look at the ones Dave's chosen. They're on the website. Going down from 7,000 tools to 18 is a bit of an exercise, Thanks for your time, Dave.

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