by David Lawrence on October 30, 2019

Video Transcript

Garry Viner: Hello, this is Garry from Rocket Agency. I'm sitting here with Stef, a senior account manager here, and we're talking about ways to attract your target persona. Steph, we've seen some mistakes made in this area, haven't we?

Stef Perrone: Yeah, I think I'll frame this in a real-world example where we had a client come to us with who they thought their target persona was, and an offer and a message that they thought this persona would be most receptive to. So it's kind of an example of what not to do in reverse, where based on client direction on who these people were, we put together assets, a learning page and everything that spoke to this offer and that we thought would resonate with that persona. And what we saw essentially was it not work. What we had was a really complex, difficult offering, and an audience that had no idea what that even meant.

So, of course, they're not going to be receptive to the offer, because I have no idea what it is, therefore they can't care about it. So it's a really good example why, and this is something we definitely do at Rocket, is stripping everything back, going back to basics, having that persona development workshop where you have key stakeholders in the room, from both Rocket Agency and the client-side, and go through that and work that out together on who the key people that you're speaking to is, to make sure that your messaging resonates with them correctly.

Garry Viner: Because in this case, that's something that we did later on in the piece and I think it was quite interesting having that experience because we realised as part of that workshop that the business didn't even understand themselves.

Stef Perrone: Yeah, totally.

Garry Viner: Exactly who they want to speak to. We see that quite often. And it's something that we've learned from. It's something that we've addressed and we genuinely feel that every campaign, every engagement with a client should start with this kind of analysis. And we don't have to do it ourselves. I mean, sometimes clients come to us and they're very prepared. They've gone through this analysis in-house or using a different agency, but they're perfectly positioned to know how to advise us to reach out to their target prospects. If that's not the case, if a business hasn't done that kind of preparation, then we certainly want to make sure that we do that with them, before they allow us to spend money on their behalf.

Stef Perrone: Yeah, totally.

Garry Viner: Yeah, very important stuff. Thanks, Stef.

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