by Garry Viner on December 11, 2019

Video Transcript

Garry Viner: Hi. This is Garry from Rocket. I'm talking B2B this afternoon with my co-founder James Lawrence.

James Lawrence: You are Gaz. Yep. Very, very well.

Garry Viner: Excellent. So, B2B marketing.

James Lawrence: Yep.

Garry Viner: It's almost the year 2020 and we've been doing this for a long time.

James Lawrence: Yep.

Garry Viner: What's working?

James Lawrence: I think our clients who are getting the best results in B2B digital marketing or those that are typically viewing their campaigns and digital marketing activities in two streams. The first being brand which, and we're not just talking about owning brand type terms, but investing in strategies and techniques which you know will not pay dividends for potentially months and years into the future.

So talking about SEO. Talking about content. Talking about building databases and nurturing them. And essentially when we talk about B2B marketing, we are talking about businesses where it's a long complex buyer journey. We're not talking about businesses reaching out and with simple kind of buying environments.

So definitely the clients of ours that are winning are the ones where they're marrying up the long-term stuff and then also running really successful demand-gen lead gen campaigns through paid channels.

Garry Viner: Okay. So content also plays a big part of that.

James Lawrence: Yep.

Garry Viner: It's a heavy plank of the SEO strategy.

James Lawrence: Yep.

Garry Viner: Where does content fit in. What are people doing in content?

James Lawrence: Yep. Something classic is that content sits in the middle of a lot of digital marketing, and then you’re running that content through your SEOs. Through your EDMs. Through your social activities. We are really encouraging our clients to focus on quality of content rather than quantity of content. An analogy that we use is you want to be using the Hollywood blockbuster model where I think of the last 20 Hollywood blockbusters, 17 of them are existing stories.

So they're just rehashes of stories that have worked in the past and trying to move away from more of that newspaper editorial type content where you're just churning out content for content's sake. So find out the winning bits of content for your business and then double down on them. Make it evergreen. Rework it.

Garry Viner: And that is a bit of a change, isn't it? Because two or three years ago people were, the quantity of content that you're putting out there is as much more about quality.

James Lawrence: 100%. I mean, even five years ago we would've been telling clients, create your blog article 500 to 700 words. Put keywords in there three times and just keep building out the size of your website.

Garry Viner: Yep.

James Lawrence: Now Google has developed... I think as users we've changed as well in terms of how we access the web and so very much about pick awesome quality content. Invest in it and then keep working on it iteratively and improving it.

Garry Viner: Yeah, and that definitely flows into Google ads as well. So you know, within the Google platform you can target people down at the bottom of the funnel, which is what a lot of clients want.

James Lawrence: Yep.

Garry Viner: They want those kind of quick and easy wins, but you can also bring people into your ecosystem and good content is the way to do that. So kind of simple articles targeted at some of the challenges that some of the B2B clients are facing. Perhaps they don't even know that you offer that service. Perhaps you just want to present yourselves as somebody that's informative in an area. But you can drive top of the funnel traffic to that. You can retarget to that. Get them into the ecosystem, ultimately close the deal when they're ready.

James Lawrence: I think it's meeting people where they're at, and if you're selling a seven-figure piece of software or you're selling a really complex product or service where your stakeholders... You might be trying to sell into a panel of 15 stakeholders in an organisation and it might take a year for them to make that decision. You just don't spin up a bottom of the funnel Google ad and expect someone to click on it and buy. It's very much about bringing people into your ecosystem and then nurturing them with good quality content.

Garry Viner: Okay. And how does social fit into that? So you've obviously got your Facebook, you've got your LinkedIn.

James Lawrence: Yeah.

Garry Viner: I know that you feel quite strongly that LinkedIn is the best place within social for B2B.

James Lawrence: Yeah, I think so. LinkedIn without a doubt is the best platform to target users based on job title and job function.

Garry Viner: Yep.

James Lawrence: So being able to find decision-makers within a certain function where you can look at obviously company size, experience, role, all that type of stuff, and really, really difficult to get that targeting in most industries and verticals within Facebook.

James Lawrence: But for us, we're channel-agnostic and if you can somehow identify users, whether it's through remarketing or a custom audience, you know we're humans at the end of the day, so if you can put good content in front of the user in Facebook, it doesn't matter that it's a complex B2B play,  but typically from a targeting perspective, sponsored content in LinkedIn, it's the way to get your message in front of them. Sponsored InMail we're getting increasingly good results for clients with where you can be out of platform and still be reachable.

Garry Viner: I guess one of the nice things about Facebook, in particular, is it does allow you to develop relationships with your clients, you know B2B clients because it's that long sales cycle, you do want to develop relationships. So that's something that works there. You touched very briefly on email marketing and that's obviously a huge part of this.

James Lawrence: Yep.

Garry Viner: ... but that's really all we've got time for. If you're more interested in this, we have a downloadable on our website. You can go there and can check out what's working in B2B at the moment. So James, thanks for your time.

James Lawrence: Thanks Gaz.

Garry Viner: Cheers.

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