by David Lawrence on November 4, 2019

Video Transcript

David Lawrence: Hi, it's David here from Rocket Agency. I am here with Gary Viner.

Garry Viner: Hello David.

David Lawrence: Hey Gaz. Gary is our head of search and we're here to have a chat really about Google Ads and what we believe it takes to dominate Google Ads, particularly from an agency perspective. That's where we come from. I've got a couple of points we would each like to discuss, so I'm going to throw to Gary first.

Garry Viner: Okay. Well I guess I'll start with the technical expertise. That's very important. Google Ads is a very complex platform. It changes all the time. We've been using it for years and years. We have lots of talented people. We've seen everything that you could throw at us before. So complex accounts. We just know how to work. We know how to pull the right levers, we know how to optimise campaigns, but the important thing before you even get to that is getting the fundamentals right and that means having the right message as well.

So with clients, we'll work with them to come up with the best offers, the best messaging, the best creative, the best strategy to set them apart from their competitors and make sure that their personas are most likely to take action on their website.

David Lawrence: Yeah.

Garry Viner: Dave, what do you think?

David Lawrence: Absolutely. It's a marketing game nowadays, isn't it? The technical is there, but marketing is critical. And I guess that brings me to my number one point, which is people. Seen it so many times before. It doesn't matter how well someone approaches a problem, if they approach it technically, you've got to have really great people behind you, creative people, strategic thinkers, people that know what they're doing. So it's a big part of my job here at Rocket. I work heavily in recruitment and in developing the team. So we look for really smart people. We look for people that like to solve problems, people that perform well under pressure, bring them into the team and then we develop them.

So we do a lot of formal learning. We do a lot of collaboration as a team and we're always there to help each other and draw on each other's experience.

Garry Viner: Yeah. Okay. And I guess with respect to Google Ads, we can talk about the fact that we've got great videographers, we have designers, we've got copywriters. So across all the channels that you might want to advertise, we have people that can get your message across.

David Lawrence: Yeah, it's a team sport. Right?

Garry Viner: Yeah.

David Lawrence: Gone are the days where you have one individual who does Google Ads and delivers a great result.

Garry Viner: That's absolutely true. Tools. I guess is something else to talk about. So within Google you have lots of native functionality. It's fantastic. You can do a million and one things. It's great. Sometimes you might want to extend that. And so we've leveraged the Google API and built some proprietary software, which allows us to take in outside signals.

That means that we can use things like complimentary marketing campaigns. We can leverage weather information as we did recently for Google. Not for Google, that would be silly. We did it for Luna Park. And we were able to get good results by changing bidding, changing messaging, depending on whether it was a rainy day or a sunny day.

David Lawrence: Yeah. Brilliant campaign.

Garry Viner: Yeah. That kind of stuff happens all the time. We are able to kind of manage our budget pacing, just all the kind of painful little things you don't want to be wasting time on. They can all be set and forget, run via these little tools that we built and we can focus on strategy for our clients.

David Lawrence: Yeah. I love it. You're pretty proud of that software.

Garry Viner: Yeah. Yeah. It's good.

David Lawrence: Yeah. Yeah, it's really great. Look, I think the next point for me, probably a little bit less technical, a little bit less Google Ads, but it's more about the agency relationship and we certainly inherit client accounts where the previous agencies taken a percentage of the media. We don't tend to do that at all because we feel like it motivates the agency to spend more client money, so we're always motivated to spend just what the client needs to spend to get the results they want.

The other thing we feel quite strongly about is that clients should own the IP of the campaigns we build. So when we work with clients, we make sure they have full access to their campaigns and should they ever leave us for whatever reason, they know they can take that work with them, which I think is incredibly valuable.

Garry Viner: It's good. I guess the final point I'd like to raise is their our partnerships. So we've got great people in house, but we want to make sure we take advantage of all the best people outside the agency as well. That means we've got great relationships with Google and Bing, and we're a premier partner with Google. We were Bing's first agency partner in Australia and we were also big conference attendees. We do lots of research, we attend the best conferences in Australia and the U.S. And we've developed some great relationships with some of the leading figures in the PPC space, particularly in the U.S.

So we bounce ideas off them and we get insights back into what's working in their market as well and that really helps too.

David Lawrence: Brilliant.

Garry Viner: Yeah.

David Lawrence: Great summary. Great summary. Look, if you like what you're hearing, if you think that's fairly compelling, we'd love to have a chat too, if you've got Google Ads questions or problems you think a third party voice might help you with, get in touch with us.

We're also really happy to do audits of existing campaigns. So if we can give you some advice about how you can improve that campaign, that would make us pretty happy. So visit our website, explore, use any of the contact forms in there and get in touch with us.

Garry Viner: Thanks very much.

David Lawrence: Thank you.

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