by David Lawrence on November 7, 2019

Video Transcript

Garry Viner: Hi, this is Garry from Rocket. I'm sitting here with Stef, who is a senior account manager here. Today, we're talking about the importance of making sure there's full communication across all your marketing channels. Stef, do you want to take us through that?

Stef Perrone: Yeah, for sure. I think the key thing... We're a digital marketing agency, which means we focus on digital marketing, but first and foremost, it's understanding that digital marketing is just marketing. The way we think about things isn't from a digital marketing perspective. We approach things as a marketing problem first, and then we implement our digital solutions to address that problem.
I think a key thing, and probably a good example, is where we have... I'll use, again, a real-life example, of one of our clients, who was a uni discount provider. They had... Essentially, they wanted to do a big start of year push to drive registrations ahead of uni O'Week, orientation week. Basically, they had every single stakeholder across the multiple agencies they were working within the one room.
That was an opportunity for everyone to say, the people that were looking after press, the people that were looking after bus shelters, and then Rocket, who was looking after digital, making sure that everyone was on the same page, and everyone actually understood all the activity that was going on across the board. I think that is, unfortunately, a rare scenario, where you have clients, who obviously, like marketing managers, who are running so many things, and they only keep us across just the activity that we're directly responsible for. That obviously leads to problems, right? Sometimes-

Garry Viner: What are some of these problems, and why is it important that everybody be aware of all the different kind of marketing channels that are being explored?

Stef Perrone: Yeah, I think it's a thing that allows us to optimise better, obviously, if we know what's going on. Sometimes you're looking at analytics, and you're just seeing a huge spike in one month, and it's like, what the hell happened there, and it's because the client was running a whole bunch of other non-digital activity that has obviously had a direct response and result in digital channels, but we just would have no visibility into that.

Garry Viner: Okay, so there's the reporting side of it. I guess there's also you can leverage that activity, as well, so one example might be the pacing of budgets, right? You can make sure that your digital campaigns are running in line with offline activity.

Stef Perrone: Yeah, totally.

Garry Viner: You can also re-market to them, so sometimes where they'll find activity with billboards and TV, you can present a landing page that's a dedicated page for that campaign, and then you can track people that have been through that kind of entry point, and you can target them, segment them in a particular way, that you wouldn't otherwise be able to.

Stef Perrone: Yeah, and I think more to your point, it's also making sure, so like that the budgets are set up to handle any additional activity during that time. For example, brand campaigns, where you traditionally need a lot lower bid, because not that many people are bidding on your brand name, during a period where you're running lots of activity outside of the work you're doing in digital. Your brand interest is going to peak during that time, so it's just essentially a missed opportunity if you're not capitalising on all the traffic that you could be achieving.

Garry Viner: Talking of brand, I guess it even works, in terms of making sure there's the consistency of brand messaging across channels, whether it's creative or copy, making sure that people that see your one channel, the message is reinforced across other channels. That works even within one agency, if you have different, I guess, segmented teams, making sure that your Facebook team, your Google Ads team, are all using the same creative, continuing with the same message across channels. It's really important.

Stef Perrone: Yeah, 100%. I mean, someone who's interacting with a brand is not understanding that, oh, I'm online, so now I'm seeing this. It's like they're just seeing all the messages in all the columns, right? You really do need that consistency and that even flow, which is why it is so important to have everyone on the same page, and understand what's going on across the board, which, yeah, like I said, unfortunately, so many clients look at us as just the digital arm, where you can get so much more out of us, as an agency, if you're thinking of us as part of the wider marketing mix.

Garry Viner: Okay, brilliant, so I guess the takeaway is to make sure as many stakeholders are involved in your marketing as possible, for transparency, for communication. Thank you so much for your time.

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