by David Lawrence on November 5, 2019

Video Transcript

Garry Viner: Hi, I'm Garry from Rocket Agency. This is David, managing director, and we're having a quick chat about something that you mentioned to me, which I found quite interesting. You said that advertising is a tax on unremarkable businesses.

David Lawrence: I did, and you got a bit offended because we're an advertising agency.

Garry Viner: We are. I don't take offence easily.

David Lawrence: That's true. That's true.

David Lawrence: Yeah. Look, it's an interesting statement. It's a really old statement. It's been around for a long time. And to be truthful, it's probably coined by someone who didn't want people to advertise. We obviously think advertising is fantastic. We put money into advertising to promote ourselves and for tonnes of our clients. We'd like to think we're pretty damn good at it. The statement though really rings true for me because as competition has ramped up everywhere, like in our industry, but in our clients' industries as well, what I've seen is that if people approach advertising by thinking that they can throw mediocrity out there and get great results, they tend to be really disappointed. Sort of gone are the days where you can have a few competitors, everyone's saying more or less the same thing, and you can all share in the spoils of whatever the search volume is.

David Lawrence: Increasingly, what I'm seeing is that there's one or two competitors that understand it's a marketing game. They put together a really remarkable series of offers, remarkable messaging, great websites, great landing pages, and they take the lion's share of what's out there. You have reached ... A prospect will come along, they'll do a search, they'll open up five or six results perhaps in different tabs, and they'll really quickly close tabs down. So I think where I love this statement, where I feel that advertising really is a tax on unremarkable businesses is because if you're not remarkable, if you're not standing out in some way, you simply won't get that ability to transfer strangers into visitors, let alone prospects on your website.

David Lawrence: So what that means for me as a marketer is I love it when a client comes to us and if they're not yet remarkable, then they invest that money in making sure that they give us opportunities to look at their messaging, to develop fantastic offers for them, to overhaul landing pages with conversion in mind, but also just marketing and messaging in mind. So it's a real mind shift for lots of competitors. So many people, as you know, will simply come in and say, "There's our assets. Send traffic, make money," and I just love to talk to people about this topic and get them thinking about what [inaudible 00:02:09]. I know it's a bit of a rant now--

Garry Viner: No, no. It's fine. And I guess the fact that it's described as a tax means there's a financial implication we're talking about?

David Lawrence: 100%. Yeah.

Garry Viner: So if you are unremarkable, you're effectively having to pay more to stand out.

David Lawrence: Yep, that's right.

Garry Viner: If you're remarkable, you'll catch the eye sooner, more people will click, more people will convert. You're spending less money to acquire those customers.

David Lawrence: That's right.

Garry Viner: So I guess that makes sense, when you put it like that.

David Lawrence: That's exactly [inaudible 00:02:32]. Tax reduction, we're not suggesting you don't advertise. We're suggesting people should advertise more actually, but just make sure you're really getting to use as much of that money as possible in truly converting people.

Garry Viner: Okay. Well, you convinced me.

David Lawrence: Excellent.

Garry Viner: Thanks, Dave.

David Lawrence: Thank you guys.


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