by Harrison Cox on March 16, 2020

Video Transcript

Harrison: Did you know that over 74% of videos in digital marketing campaigns aren't even watched past the first five seconds?

Garry: Is that true?

Harrison: Look, it's probably not true but I bet it got your attention now, didn't it?

Garry: Yeah, well, it got my attention. This is Garry from Rocket. I'm sitting with Harrison. He's our video strategist and we're talking about things that you should be aware of when running video ads.

Garry: Now, that was a great example of a hook at the start of an ad. Talk more about that.

Harrison: Well, look, I'm not sure it was a great example but we've tried to just grab your attention there and grabbing attention within the first five seconds of a video ad is essential especially if you are advertising on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, you've really got to try and stop the user's attention in the feed, give them a real reason to watch that video from those first five seconds.

Harrison: If you're advertising on a platform like YouTube, users can even skip after those first five seconds so really if they're not hooked up until that point, they won't even continue watching. So maybe that stat could be true for some of those YouTube users out there.

Garry: I guess that's why if you run TV commercials and you think you can just take that stuff and put it across into online channels, that's not always the best thing to do.

Harrison: Exactly. You've got to get yourself out of that TVC-Channel-Nine-ad-breaks style of mindset. This is a very different type of advertising and a very different type of video construction.

Harrison: Normally the narrative of video will be quite linear where it builds up slowly, has a peak and then kind of tails off towards the end. Your narrative structure for video in online formats should have multiple peaks throughout. Consider starting the video on a high. Give the prospect a real reason to connect with your business or brand from the outset. Continue to pique interest throughout and then hit them with a massive CTA at the end so that they can find out more about your business.

Garry: Okay. You talked previously about the different channels you might be running your video content on. How should you consider the format of the videos to kind of maximise the channels that you're using?

Harrison: Now, this is a really obvious mistake that I see lots of clients make when they set out to shoot some video content, they often just stick themselves in the frame of mind that everything's in widescreen format. We're going to get lots of lovely drone shots rather of things that are nice and far away, but they're forgetting that they're advertising to people using crappy little mobile phones like mine where they can't really see everything on the screen.

Harrison: So you've got to try and make sure that everything's visible from start to finish, -that includes text as well - and consider optimising your formats, particularly for square format or portrait so that they stand out on Facebook and Instagram feeds, take up most of that real estate on the feed and really grab that attention once again.

Garry: Brilliant. Okay. We talked about maintaining attention to the end. Hopefully that's what we've been able to do. We have a great page on our website which shows some examples of the video creative we've done. The URL is on the screen in front of you. Check us out. Thanks for your time!

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