by Garry Viner on October 9, 2019

Our #1 goal is for you to dominate Google Ads in 2020.

And if domination is part of your marketing plan, then this guide is essential reading. It's been written by Rocket's Co-Founder and Head of Paid Search, Garry Viner, and includes inside knowledge on what's working on our most successful campaigns.

This guide contains 10 of the very best nuggets of value. A good number will probably be completely new to you. Others will build on familiar but valuable aspects of Google Ads. We'll also share some soon-to-be-released Google Ads features which we believe are going to have a big impact on the Australian market.

What will I learn from this guide?

  • How to learn from, and benefit from, your fiercest competitors
  • How to start profiting from YouTube advertising
  • How to best manage Dynamic Search Ad campaigns
  • The key to high-converting landing pages and Google Ads
  • Clever techniques to use when building audiences
  • Our experience with Google's automated bidding strategies
  • A sneak peek at Google's upcoming Gallery Ads (we think they are going to be awesome)

10 Proven Ways To Dominate Google Ads in 2020

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