LinkedIn Remarketing Is Finally Here


LinkedIn Rolls Out New Remarketing Tool



Since the announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, one of the key talking points by digital marketers has been around when LinkedIn would release a feature similar to Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match.

As of the 24th of April, LinkedIn has launched their own remarketing feature called “Matched Audiences”. This new tool allows LinkedIn advertisers to remarket in the following three ways:


  • Website retargeting
  • CRM integration to match customers
  • CSV file upload of customer data


Website Retargeting:

In a similar manner to how most basic remarketing campaigns work, LinkedIn is allowing you to install a simple piece of code to your website which will place a cookie onto the browser of your website visitors. This will enable you to build an audience for you to target through the LinkedIn Advertising Network.


CRM Integration:

This is one of the more exciting functions being introduced with this update. If you are currently using marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot and Eloqua. You will have the opportunity to integrate your LinkedIn advertiser account with these platforms to pull in first-party data to build out custom and highly segmented lists for you to advertise to through LinkedIn.


CSV File Upload:

Not using marketing automation? That’s alright, LinkedIn will still allow you to use your existing email database. This will work in the exact same way as Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match by scouring through the LinkedIn customer database and match LinkedIn profiles via the email addresses that you have uploaded. If the email address you have been given by a client or prospect is the same email they have used for their LinkedIn account, LinkedIn will let you to create an audience which you can show sponsored posts to.

If you’re not currently using LinkedIn advertising, now is the time to get involved, the CPCs are relatively low and the reliable professional data is second to none across the major social networks.

For more information, read the full announcement on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog.


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