How To Setup A Facebook Business Manager Account In 4 Easy Steps

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Running Facebook Ads? You need a Facebook Business Manager account.

If you’re running an advertising campaign on Facebook or Instagram it is highly recommended you have a Facebook Business Manager account. Even if you are not actively advertising on Facebook it is still a good idea to set one up.

Facebook Business Manager is a centralised portal for businesses to easily manage their Facebook and Instagram Ad Accounts, Pages, Product Catalogues and various other assets. Most importantly, it allows you as a business owner to easily grant (or remove) permissions to your staff or digital agencies who work on your social media properties. Permissions can range from allowing people to post on your page, get access to reports, run advertising or have complete Admin control.

To setup a Facebook Business Manager account you just need to follow these easy steps.


1. Go to and click the blue ‘Create Account’ button.

Facebook Business Manager


2. Login with your normal Facebook credentials.

3. From here you will be able enter your business details and select your primary Facebook business page.

4. Ensuring you have clicked the hamburger menu in the top left and clicked on ‘Business Manager Settings’ you will now have access to the primary console. The console will open on “People and assets’ and you will see a range of icons to the left. The first three pertaining to People, Pages then Advert Accounts.

facebook business manager menu


People: Within this area you can invite your staff to join your Business Manager. You will be able to see what assets they work on and remove them if they were to leave.

Pages: Here you can manage your own or a number of Facebook Pages that you may control. You will be able to assign varying levels of accesses to your staff or digital agency.

Advert Accounts: Like Pages you can grant access to the people who need to work on your Ad Campaigns.


If you are working with a digital agency and you would like to give them access to your business manager, there is a button which allows you to “Assign Partner”. Your agency will normally supply you with an account ID number and you will just add It here. You can then grant the level of access required. Typically, an agency would need both Page and Advert access to run a paid campaign on Facebook for you.


facebook business manager partner


Now that you have setup a Business Manager account you can keep your work and personal profiles separate. You will be able to navigate and post within Facebook from either profile.  Furthermore, you can now collaborate on Pages and Ads with your co-workers without being Facebook friends with them. I know for some people this is a blessing!


If you need help setting up your account or getting the most out of your social media ad campaigns feel free to get in touch on 02 8310 2393 or send us a message any time.


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