Rocket’s View On Email Marketing

Email Direct Marketing or an EDM – is the process of sending electronic mail to a database of contacts for transactional, informational or even editorial purposes.

It has long been known and continues to be the case, that email marketing delivers the strongest overall marketing performance when compared to any other digital channel. With an average Return on Investment of over 120%, the ROI can often amount up to eight times higher than other channels like paid search and social media. These stats alone should be compelling enough to have you thinking about how you could either be commencing or looking to improve your email strategy for 2019.

According to a recent report by Mailgen, 89% of interviewed marketers indicated that their primary channel for lead generation is email. Furthermore, 86% of professionals also indicated that email is their preferred method of communication for business purposes. It’s quite clear that people have a preference to receive comms via email and marketers worldwide rely on email for lead generation, yet so many Australian businesses have either no email strategy, no database or no regular communications going out. Why is that?

At Rocket, we normally find this is because one of two reasons’ either businesses struggle with producing quality communications which are relevant for their audience, or they struggle with their email marketing platform (or both).

Consumers are becoming savvy and expect excellent content in their emails. This means as marketers we need to pay attention to both the substance and the format of the email to entice our audience’s attention. Personalisation, segmentation, gamification and interactivity are all elements included in today’s emails to really encourage opens and click-throughs. It’s no wonder then, that it all seems too much for some marketers and they hang their hat up, preferring to keep their database as is, with minimal sends to avoid unsubscribes.

It’s possible to roll out impressive Social Media statistics all day long. So, if you are a marketer and not using some form of Social Media for your business, you really need to ask why not. If you have not delved into the space yet, sometimes it is just about discovering what will work for your brand.

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