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The third consideration piece for planning your email marketing strategy is deciding on your marketing technology stack, particularly your email marketing platform. This decision is typically influenced by your CRM, accounting software, web site CMS, eCommerce platform or any number of other pieces of tech that you may be using. At the end of the day, you need a solution which will allow for a level of integration and connectivity within your greater business model.

Your choice of email marketing software is also going to be influenced by the size of your database, the level of sophistication required for automation and personalisation, flexibility needed for template designs and industry-specific tasks that need to be handled via email.

There are so many great platforms to choose from these days, that conducting a product comparison can be hard to do. As stated above often the final decision will come down to integration into your business (as well as price!).

The leading Email Marketing Software in 2018 includes:

Rocket is agnostic when it comes to Email MarTech. We work on and partner with many of the great companies above. In our experience, we typically see smaller database clients, with simpler needs using platforms like MailChimp, Active Campaign and Campaign Monitor. Clients who need an integrated CRM and other functionality often lean towards HubSpot. Enterprise clients, who often use Salesforce, typically tend to use Pardot and Marketo. However, there is no definitive product fit purely based on organisation size here – many of the platforms can deliver similar outcomes these days. We are always happy to help our clients navigate the software space and help them choose the right fit for their organisation.

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