Like nearly everything in digital marketing, content is king! Content will make or break the success of any email marketing campaign. Strong, compelling and interesting content will always be valued by subscribers and will cement the effectiveness of your campaigns. However, outputting quality content is a challenge whether you are a working client or agency side.

Producing content is a costly and time-consuming exercise. So, getting the strategy right is imperative.

Not every business can afford to engage a Content Agency or In-House team to produce copy, especially for one singular channel. For many mid-size Australian businesses, email is woven into the overall digital content strategy. In what is sometimes referred to as Hub and Spoke Content Marketing, many companies will invest in producing ‘hero’ pieces of content, which can then serve a multitude of purposes.

For instance, they may put together a comprehensive eBook or White Paper on a particular industry challenge. This piece of content may then have individual chapters broken-out into separate monthly blog articles, email nurture pieces, content retargeting and so forth – then repeated for the remaining content. If the hero assets being produced can be evergreen (i.e. valid for the foreseeable future) then the content can be updated and repurposed year on year.

There is no right or wrong way for producing content for email, or any other channel for that matter. However, you need to be somewhat pragmatic and realistic about what your capacity is to produce content then devise a strategy around your output. Avoid at all costs sending irrelevant communications just for the sake of it or ticking a box.

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