SunDoctors, a chain of skin cancer clinics with 28 locations across Australia engaged Rocket Agency to drive new customer acquisition. The core objective of the campaign was to generate leads that convert to patient bookings.

  • 354

    Leads generated in 5 days

  • 75%

    Lead to sale conversion rate

  • 1143

    Organic keyword position changes

Rocket put together a strategy which stemmed from ideas and learnings in 2017 where we ran a similar campaign which was responsible, particularly for driving awareness of Skin Cancer. In 2018, we derived our second iteration of the ‘Saving Lives with Social’, a campaign which aimed to drive more ‘action’ in driving prospects to get their skin checked. We felt that our strong foundation built in 2017 had established a healthy following across a number of digital channels, including direct website traffic, organic search, Social following and Paid mediums.

Starting with the foundation, we installed HotJar heatmapping software, employed 5 individuals that fit our target market for user testing and reviewed the fulfillment process with Myhealth1st to ensure we delivered a seamless booking experience with limited friction.

SunDoctors case study heatmap

The resulting outcome led to a 57.35% improvement in conversion rates (Measuring Before vs After implementation). Currently, reviewing YoY data, this now sits at a 90% improvement YoY in our website conversion rate.

Campaign Summary: Saving Lives With Social

The promotion strategy was built out as a three-stage funnel.

  1. We derived a content plan which encompassed key trends that aligned to time of year, popular search trends and trending stories. This was worked into a content plan which was then executed by publishing this content on the SunDoctors website, boosted through Facebook to a specific audience (Audiences within close proximity to the 28 clinic locations) and organic traction helped drive further traffic.
  2. The next stage comprised of Retargeting this audience with ‘consideration’ based Video content from AFL legend, Cameron Ling. Cameron was very influential in driving prospects towards acquisition and created lot’s of positive engagement on Social media.SunDoctors FB Ad Example
  3. This is where we needed to ‘close’ and give our prospects a compelling reason and an offer that’s too good to resist. That was, providing ‘Bulk-Billed’ skin checks aligned with Statistic based Lead Gen ads.SunDoctors FB Ad

Our Bottom of funnel (BOFU) ads were aggressively targeting those who had engaged or who had displayed interest in skin cancer. The lead generation campaigns were a success with our CPA’s reducing from $55 to $18.79!

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