Over the last 6 months Rocket has worked with Plus Fitness to expand their digital strategy to generate higher quality leads through their website

  • 3.6

    Million remarketing impressions

  • 58%

    Increase in conversions

  • 696

    Increased organic keyword positions

Plus Fitness engaged Rocket in June 2016 on a tactical engagement focused on Re-marketing through Facebook and the Google Display Network.

Over the initial 3 month engagement, Plus Fitness ads were viewed almost 3.6 million times. This has roughly split 55/45 between Facebook and the Google Display Network.

These impressions resulted in 8381 visits back to the Plus Fitness website. Subsequently, these visits led to 3,461 conversions (membership sign-ups, requests for contact etc.)

Campaign Summary

    • The re-marketing engagement with Rocket has been a very cost effective and targeted way of increasing brand awareness through views but also cost per lead when compared to other forms of advertising for Plus Fitness.
    • Following from the successful three month remarketing project, Plus Fitness have now engaged Rocket to implement a more comprehensive, full digital marketing strategy with the aim to grow brand presence online, but to also increase leads via the Plus Fitness website.
    • 2 Months into the campaign, PF had already increased by 696 organic position changes for highly sought after non-branded searches.