Over the past five years Rocket has worked with Furnish & Finish to build a digital strategy that delivers a steady stream of high quality, sales ready, leads.

  • 7X

    Increase in leads year on year

  • 112%

    Increase in website visits

  • 34%

    Improvement in lead to sale ratio

Furnish & Finish came to Rocket from a position of strength. Upon engagement they were already an established industry leader on an upwards trajectory. This growth had come from repeat business, agreements with major real estate agencies, as well as a diverse range of other offline marketing channels.

This position of strength however, was not reflected in lead generation from the company website. Prior to engagement the website had acted mostly as a passive reference tool for word of mouth referrals.

We sat down with Tegan Grant and the team at Furnish & Finish and put together a staged digital strategy which we were confident would lead to increased enquiries via the website.

Campaign Summary

  • The Furnish & Finish websites conversion rate improved by over 400%. The impact of this can be seen below. Upon site launch the improvements can be seen in the spike in conversion rate. The dip in the backend of the year related to new traffic sources coming online and seasonality (but still showed an increase of 200% compared to old website).graph-image
    Month by month conversion rate (all traffic) prior to launch and into Phase One.
  • By building on organic improvements from Phase One, refining the paid search campaign and introducing new channels we increased month on month lead numbers by around 220%.
  • Perhaps the most pleasing aspect was the quality of the leads. Tegan Grant informed us that leads were closing roughly 23% more of the time than prior to engaging our services. Crucially, the average sale was 12% higher. This related to shaping SEO / PPC traffic to focus on high quality traffic.