After the success of an initial 6 month engagement, AV Lawyers enlisted Rocket to take full flight of their online marketing strategy.

  • 82%

    Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

  • 8x

    Increase in ROI

  • 75.9%

    Increase in Traffic Web

  • 604

    Keyword Position Changes

 Atkinson Vinden Lawyers initially engaged Rocket to run a PPC campaign for two of their core competencies – Family Law and Employment Law – this was phase I


In Phase II, we branched out into niche areas of AV Lawyers practice. In turn this has driven cost per acquisition (CPA) from $477 to $87, an 82% decrease. Digital Marketing is now the largest marketing expenditure in the firm with the highest ROI. As a result, there has been a 75.9% increase in website traffic.


Through the implementation of retargeting campaigns, there has been an increase in ROI by 8x the media spend. A greater feedback loop between Rocket and AV Lawyers allowed for the identification of profitable areas such as high search value and commercial intent, an area to place more media spend.

Campaign Summary

  • Atkinson Vinden Lawyers initially started off on a 6-month engagement incorporating SEO, PPC and benchmarking of these two tactics. After a successful initial 6 month engagement, Atkinson Vinden Lawyers enlisted Rocket to take full flight of their online marketing strategy in deploying the Rocket Methodology, in addition to a complete re-build of the Atkinson Vinden Lawyers website.

  • In such a competitive market, Rocket identified that whilst traffic is priced relatively high in the Law Industry, we needed to ‘squeeze the lemon dry’ and work towards improving CTR’s and Conversion rates.

  • As an additional element to the Rocket Methodology, Rocket embarked upon a completely new website build. Two key components brought together, commercial acumen, marketing acumen. Re-branding Atkinson Vinden as specialists in their field and scientifically enhancing their website to increase conversions – what we call Conversion rate optimisation.

  • Managing the full digital strategy of Atkinson Vinden Lawyers, from the development of squeeze pages to SEO, PPC and Content marketing, Rocket have also worked closely with key members of Atkinson Vinden Lawyers to strengthen internal reporting processes to ensure leads and lead quality are effectively tracked and accounted for. It’s Rocket’s full Methodology in play.