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Report: Digital Now Makes Up 51% of US Ad Spend – Marketing Land

Magna has said that digital ad spend will reach a whopping $106 billion in 2018, which is 51.1% of total ad sales in the US. Digital advertising on mobile has grown 30% year on year, accounting for roughly two-thirds of all digital ad spend.

Google AdsGoogle’s exact match close variants expand again: now include same meaning variations – Search Engine Land

On Thursday (6/9/18), Google announced another change to what are considered close variants of an exact match keyword to include variations that share the same meaning as the keyword that your site will rank for. Exact words are no longer the sole trigger for your ads to show.


SEO Dinosaur Tactics That You Should Retire – MOZ

A collection of many “dinosaur” tactics that many of us are still using in our SEO strategies that we need to finally retire. Retiring the tactic doesn’t mean it is lost, we can replace it with an updated tactic that serves a similar function.



twitter iconTwitter Starts Showing ‘Timeline Ads’ On Other Websites – WeRSM

Twitter is expanding the placement of its ads beyond its platform, by allowing advertisers to show Timeline Ads within embedded timelines on third-party websites. This is based on browsing and interests.



marketing strategyYou’ve Got Product/Market Fit… What About Marketing/Market Fit? – SparkToro (Rand Fishkin)

Rand Fishkin has put together his thoughts on the first four basic steps of setting up a marketing strategy that many of us completely ignore. How can we determine our own marketing/market fit without actually understanding our own market/industry?



Google Lets Advertisers Set Customer Viewability Criteria in Display & Video 360 – Marketing Land

Google announced on Wednesday (26/9/18) the launch of three new measurement features for Google’s enterprise-level ad buying platform Display & Video 360, previously known as DoubleClick Bid Manager. All three are now rolling out



Google Analytics Comparing ConversionsReasons for Inaccurate Conversion Data in Google Analytics – LovesData

You’ve probably noticed sometimes that the data that Google Analytics shows doesn’t necessarily match up? These differences can usually be explained by attribution. This post explores different scenarios of how to attribute conversion data to Google Analytics and understanding different conversion touchpoints.


AdWords & DoubleClick To Be Rebranded – Rocket Agency

Google has unified its suite of products and as a result, has rebranded two of it’s most iconic products – AdWords and Double Click.

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