by David Lawrence on August 16, 2016 | Design, Writing and Video

If you’re serious about lead generation you need to consider creating and optimising a squeeze page. A squeeze page is typically a single page website designed to be the only page seen by a visitor when they click on one of your PPC advertisements. The page will typically tell the visitor the minimum they need to know to be convinced there is value in contacting you.

Our experience is that squeeze pages will at least double conversion rates when compared to conventional landing pages with similar content.


Make Life Simple For Visitors

The main features of a squeeze page include factors that build trust, answer common questions, overcome common objections and most importantly, give the user only two choices. Do I get in touch? Or do I leave the page?

This is the critical difference between a squeeze page and a normal landing page. A normal website visitor has lots of choices: Do I read more about your company? Do I learn more about your services? Do I visit your contact page? Has the decision just become too hard and do I come back later when I have more time?

A squeeze page does not include normal site navigation, so there is only one real question for a visitor: Have I seen enough to get in touch? Providing a simple contact form that is visible, and easily accessible on the squeeze page will give the visitor a simple way to leave their details for you to get in touch with them.



Example: Contact Form


How Effective Are Squeeze Pages?

For many lead generation websites the site-wide conversion rate is 2-5%, in other words 2 to 5 people out of every 100 visitors are going on to become a lead. For a squeeze page we commonly see a conversion rate of 5% - 15%+ and in many cases we seen conversion rates higher than this.

If you’re interested in learning more about important features for landing page and squeeze page development, this is a page worth checking out



Example: UnBounce Landing Page



Example: Wistia Landing Page


Be Analytical

A squeeze page is all about increasing the return on investment from your advertising dollar. Make sure you’ve set up conversion goals on your website (phone and form) and can report easily on the conversion rate of your general PPC campaigns. Then do the same on your squeeze page campaigns. Which is performing better? What can be done to improve the performance of both the website and squeeze pages? Where are you best off putting your money each month?



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