by Eshita Durve on March 17, 2021 | Email Marketing

If you want hundreds or even thousands of leads to experience personalised sales interactions, you’ve got to invest time, resources and energy in a well-planned automated email marketing strategy.

Consumers – even the digital natives who can’t conceive of a pre-Internet era – like to believe they are communicating with a human being who recognises their individuality and understands their specific needs when they are in a marketing funnel.

Paradoxically, they are much more likely to feel this way if they receive a series of boilerplate emails from a CRM rather than interacting with an actual person. This brings us to the first and most important reason businesses should automate their email workflows.


1) Soulless machines can (sometimes) win over your customers better than you or your staff can.

Go to your inbox - or, even better, your spam folder - and count the sales emails. The average person now encounters 6,000 – 10,000 ads every day. Many of us feel like we receive an equivalent amount of eDMs from whatever email marketing agency or inbound marketing agency has managed to get hold of our contact details.

In the four decades since the first sales email was sent out, people have established powerful defences against spam. Even your existing customers are likely to keep a trigger finger hovering over the delete button if you fail to take a sophisticated approach to communicating with them.

In 2021, sending out just an email blast every few weeks to everybody on your database about an upcoming sale or new product line doesn’t count as a sophisticated digital marketing strategy. It’s a way to stay top-of-mind and capture some real estate in your prospects’ minds, but it’s unlikely to do much to boost present sales. It may well reduce future ones if you make enough previously loyal but now irritated customers hit the unsubscribe button.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that email marketing can still deliver an impressive ROI, so long as it is highly relevant and, ideally, personalised. The only way any business with more than a handful of customers can make sure the right (existing or potential) customers are getting the right message at the right time is to embrace automated email marketing.

While this is a no-brainer for eCommerce businesses, automated email marketing has its place in a B2B environment as well.

For instance, if you plan to send the same message to your entire database, email automation can enable you to increase the impact of this email with dynamic content that is then sent to segmented audiences.

If you’ve set up two email nurture flows to automatically follow up with leads that download two separate ebooks, you’ll want to be confident these emails don’t ‘clash’ in any way. And the email content needs to be relevant to whichever ebook was downloaded. Most importantly, you want to make sure any emails sent out are relevant to where the recipient is in the buyer’s journey. (The last thing you want is a loyal customer to keep receiving plain-text emails with a CTA to ‘Get a Free Proposal’.)

This kind of ‘personalisation at scale’ can only be achieved by using technology to hoover up all relevant data from the digital footprints of would-be purchasers. This brings us to the second huge upside of automating email marketing…

2) Automation saves time, money and stress.

By definition, automation largely removes human labour from the sales process. In some instances, the entire process can be automated, but in most B2B cases a salesperson will usually still need to interact in real-time with qualified email leads when they reach the bottom of the marketing funnel.

If your salespeople are currently inundated with leads and don’t have easy ways of filtering through to quality enquiries, automated email workflows will almost certainly make their lives easier. (In most cases, it’s physically impossible to personally reach hundreds of people with tailored email messages.)

Granted, there is effort and expense involved in composing and optimising email templates. But once the email templates have been honed and the trigger events that prompt certain emails identified, even the smallest business can take advantage of what’s essentially a set-and-forget Amazonesque flywheel. A flywheel with minimal ongoing inputs is capable of generating ever-increasing outputs in the form of email leads and sales.

Interested in learning more about how automated email workflows could transform your B2B marketing? Call 1300 059 620 or send a message here to set up a no-strings-attached chat with one of Rocket Agency’s email marketing experts. 

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