by Mickaela Turner on February 26, 2019 | Social Media Ads

All too often, we get questions as to why a Facebook page is showing such little traffic or engagement and immediately start to question what went wrong, or if anyone really likes their brand.

The reality is, Facebook is a pay-to-play space.

It's not unknown that Facebook is continuously changing its algorithms to decrease the organic reach for pages. You may be asking, why is this? To answer your question, it serves the purpose to not spam Facebook users with content they're not interested in. So ultimately, your chances of being seen organically are extremely slim and you ultimately need to pay to be seen.


What are the other benefits of paying for Facebook ads?

  • Compensate for the decline in organic reach
  • Reach a wider audience that isn't already connected to your page
  • you can set out parameters to specifically target your chosen audience to ensure the money you spend isn't going to waste
  • You're in control of everything
  • You'll have access to Facebook analytics telling you which ad is performing best based on your conversion goal

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Where should I be spending my money on Facebook?

Whether you're boosting a post or running a paid ad, it's important to carefully pick what you pay to put out to your audience. When building out ads or boosting posts, ensure the content is valuable to your prospects. This can be a gated piece of content to capture key details from your prospects (email addresses, phone numbers etc.) or can be a TOFU piece designed to increase your retargeting pool.

Remember, Facebook has a 20% text rule on photos, so when designing creative for your ads or posts, ensure your images aren't text-heavy. A handy way to ensure this is by using free Facebook text overlay checkers, like this one.

Tips for boosting posts and creating ads:

  1. Set yourself a goal for each adset or post. Do you want more website traffic? More post engagement? Or even more Facebook page likes? Are you after more conversions on your website or product sales? Setting the correct goal for what you're after will ensure each ad and bosted post is measured correctly. Customising your CTA (within Facebooks limitations) is also a great way to experiment with what works.
  2. Explore with your target personas. You can't target everyone with your marketing collateral. That's a fact! Once you've determined your targeting for each adset or boosted post, split test the copy to ensure your persona groups know exactly what you're asking of them.
  3. Split test your ads or posts. Once you've refined your target personas as above, slit test the creative, messaging or even CTA on each ad to measure which is more successful based on your goals. This way you can really see what your persona groups resonate with more.
  4. Run retargeting ads. You're doing all this work to send people to your website, but they aren't converting. Why not use that opportunity to retarget to these people using Facebook's advertising pixel. You know they're interested in what you have to offer, otherwise, they wouldn't be on the website in the first place, right? Utilise this and often, retargeting spend can be even lower than prospecting ads or boosted posts.

By running ads, you'll be able to reach audiences not already engaged with you or your services. You can take your message further and understand what it is that your prospects are after based on how different ads perform. Remember, offer value before asking for something in return if you are promoting gated content.

You can check out what we've done in the Facebook space here.


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