by Todd Leussink on January 12, 2018 | Design, Writing and Video Digital Marketing Strategy

Google recently shared that they now handle trillions of searches every year. As of 2018, more questions are being asked and more information is being sought than ever before. Recent advancements in AI have made this space more dynamic than ever. If you want to be found and followed online, then quality content is the key to success – but why exactly is this the case?

Put simply, content shows that you know your stuff!

If a customer (or prospect) is searching for the answer to a question that’s relevant to your services, products or wider industry, then you could be the first result showing up for that enquiry. You could be providing helpful or interesting information to the customers in your database, who might even choose to share that information with others. You could be the first brand people turn to for expertise. This is why high-quality content results in high quality leads.


So, what qualifies as good content?

Good content answers questions that your buyer personas are likely to ask. Your content should be:

  • Relevant to your customer, their location and/or the industry.
  • Fresh, because regularly updated content ranks better in searches and expands your knowledge base.
  • Engaging, because who wants to read something that sends them to sleep?
  • User-friendly and empathetic, minus any ‘hard-sell’ approaches that can turn readers away.
  • Carefully curated to provide unique and useful information with a minimum of waffle.
  • Focused, providing a useful call to action that has the added benefit of lead generation for your brand. For example, a blog post might link to a landing (or squeeze) page which can capture customers’ contact details so you can remarket and keep them in the loop with your latest offerings.

Don’t be put off if this seems like a laundry list of requirements; good content can actually be quite simple. If you are providing customers with relevant, regular and up-to-date information that is of use to them, your brand will have a competitive advantage in generating high-quality leads.



How do I create and curate great content?

Gone are the days of short, listicle type posts – now, your site will be more appealing and rank better in search results when you use long-form posts. Start by researching what your buyer personas and customers are searching for, so you can tailor your message. Next, start to build a storyline or narrative that shapes your brand based on the topics you’re creating content for. This will ensure your content flows and works together smoothly.



What is a storyline, and how do I go about creating one?

Your storyline should incorporate what your brand stands for and believes in, showcasing your strengths and addressing the problem your customers are looking to have answered. In what ways does your business solve that problem, and why is the problem itself worth solving? When you’ve nailed this, the storyline and associated topics will form the basis of your successful SEO strategy. This is exactly what we do every day at Rocket to help businesses grow their quality leads.

Remember: keep it fresh, keep it relatable and always keep it useful. With a well-curated stream of great content, there are going to be some amazing opportunities to reach customers and prospects in 2018.

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