by Eshita Durve on December 30, 2020 | Digital Marketing Resources

At Rocket, as a digital marketing agency, we practice what we preach. Although content marketing has been a part of the marketing mix for most business, 2020 was the year when we went really hard on producing more fresh, relevant content to help marketers and business owners alike.

Just like we advise our clients, we produced blogs, ebooks, online guides, webinars, templates, and checklists - all of these full of strategic and tactical advice from what we saw unfolding in our own marketing and that of our clients through the year. 

We wanted to help marketers and business owners with content as they searched for answers to unprecedented challenges. 

It paid off. Fresh content increased our new website visits by 44.73% year on year. 

Below we've listed our most-read top 10 pieces of content for 2020.



The Covid 19 Marketing Survival Handbook

This 71- point marketing guide includes our best practical tips to drive leads and sales to your business during uncertain times. It includes specific tips on broader marketing challenges like messaging and offer development along with tactical advice on SEO, Google, Bing and social ads, email, content marketing, social media, website improvement and online retail.



The Australian Digital Marketing Guide 2020

This guide, produced in January 2020 has everything an in-house marketer needs to know to craft a winning digital marketing strategy. It’s one of the most comprehensive ways that sums up digital marketing strategy and channel-specific tactics in a jargon-free way that speaks directly to marketers and business owners.

The best part? The guide includes actionable tasks so you’re not left feeling overwhelmed with information without taking actions. 


The Recession Marketing Manifesto

Today’s marketing decisions will shape your future. This is a manifesto that outlines 12 declarations for marketing leaders. It clarifies what needs to be done to grow market share during a market crisis. You’ll find advice on budget management, messaging, agility, sales funnels and more. 

The evidence and examples included will compel you to review your marketing strategy and make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row to grow your business confidently.


10 Proven Ways To Dominate Google Ads in 2020

Aimed at experienced marketers that dabble in Google Ads, this guide is a gold-mine of strategic and tactical advice to increase your return on ad spend from Google and beat your competition in the process.

15+ years of Google Ads experience and thousands of campaigns spanning industries has resulted in this eBook.



How Much Does a Digital Agency Cost? and 6 Ways to Improve Visibility in Google Maps

Two of our blogs from 2018 are a part of our Top 10 list because of the organic reach they receive. Both these blogs answer questions that our personas are looking for every day; they appear as featured snippets on Google, driving high traffic to our website. 


How We Increased Luna Park Sydney’s Revenue by 1661.03% via Google Ads

This compelling case study on our work with Luna Park details our strategy, accountability and relationship we share with our clients.


COVID-19: Ideas Your Marketing Team Should Be Considering and The Impact of Coronavirus on Your Marketing Decisions

The above two thought-leadership articles provide a perspective to marketers and business owners alike, advising on tangible tactics during one of the most challenging times of 2020.


15 Inspiring Marketing Resources Which Will Make You A Better Marketer in 2020

This listicle is comprehensive, provides variety and links to vetted content that have helped make us better marketers. 


What’s the biggest takeaway from this list?

Great content needs to be highly targeted and solve a specific and timely problem.

Our #1 piece of content helped marketers overcome COVID-19 marketing challenges.

But that’s not all - a successful content strategy also needs to be varied.
We didn’t fixate on COVID-19 and the above list shows the benefits of focusing on a variety of problems and challenges for our key personas.

If you think it’s time to get serious about great content and effective marketing for your business, then we’d love to have a chat and see if we can help! Talk to us or give us a call on 1300 059 620.

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