by Stephen Mumford on May 23, 2017 | Google Ads

Increase Conversions On Your Website.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is more than just a buzz phrase in the digital space. It is a real art and science to use your website to increase revenue without increasing marketing spend. But what is it exactly, and how can it help your business? Sit back and watch for the next 3 mins as Senior Consultant, Stephen Mumford unpacks CRO and shares the benefit it can have on your bottom line.


Video Transcription:

So we talk here all the time about the three key stages involved in digital lead generation, driving, recycling, and converting traffic. Today we talk about that last point converting traffic, we're really focusing on conversion rate optimisation, CRO. Conversion rate optimisation is the art and science of getting the people that arrive at your website or landing page to take the desired action you know, the action you want them to take whether that's making a phone call, downloading some gated content, completing a contact form, initiating live chat. Conversions are normally expressed as a percentage so let's say you have 100 visitors to your website, five of them make contact with you, take the desired action, your conversion rate is 5%. Okay, so what if you could double the amount of people that take that desired action from five to 10? You double your conversion rate, you double the amount of leads and enquiries you get through your website or landing page. What if you can do that without actually increasing the investment you're making in driving traffic to the website in the first place?

Well, that's where conversion rate optimisation comes in. It's a huge area in its own right and there really are enormous amount of people that just specialise in that area, and that's all they do is look at websites, split test, A/B test and see if they can somehow improve the conversion rate even marginally by .5%. You know, people like Amazon are doing that constantly they've got thousands and thousands of this just coming through their website, and small changes can make big differences in terms of dollars and revenue made from the site. In the mid market where we operate I mean typically, we look for the highest impact changes we can make to clients websites to get the quickest returns. So we'll go through, we'll audit the sites and often we're looking at small changes that you know, might not be obvious upon the first visit, but do make a big difference.

So, the placement of contact forms, how many fields there are on the form, how much information, how hard are you making it for the person to complete that form? How prominent is the phone number? Do you have trust builders on the website, industry associations you work with, testimonials, social proof? Is it in eight seconds really obvious who you are, what you do? And as a user do I know that I'm in the right place? These are the fundamentals in today's fast-paced world between a visitor coming and converting or at least engaging further with your site, or bouncing off and all the hard work you're doing to get them the there in the first place is wasted. So conversion optimisation is huge, it's a big part of what we do, we look for the highest impact changes, we measure, we put heat mapping software on to prove that the changes are having an effect, but of course the biggest change the biggest proof is seeing the leads and conversions increase, and that's the reason we put so much focus on that area.

Thanks again.


At Rocket we love helping our clients take their digital marketing campaigns to the next level, so if you think you need help with your conversion rates get in touch with the team at Rocket today.

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